Magic Show St. Louis

Looking for a magic show St. Louis?  Ours features:

Magic Show St. Louis
  • Comedy Magic–All of our magic shows are comedy magic shows.  We get your guests laughing and enjoying themselves.
  • Audience Interaction–Our magic show is big on audience participation.  We get your guests involved and engaged–not dozing through a succession of dull card tricks!
  • Tailored to Age Level:  Our magic show for 8-9 year olds is quite different than our show for 3-5 year olds.  Our magic show St. Louis is geared to the age of your audience.

Plus some additional ways to enhance your event:

  • Before & After:  Strolling, close up magic is a great way to warm up the crowd pre-show.  Post-show we can teach your guests magic they can do, and even provide take-home tricks!
  • Big Show:  For a bigger production, we can set up our theatrical backdrop and include some larger illusions.  For instance, magically producing the guest of honor, and suspending someone in mid air can be part of your magic show St. Louis!
  • Themed and Educational Magic Shows:  We offer 29 different magic shows!  Why?  To better fit in with and enhance your event.  We have a holiday-themed show for holiday parties, a scout show for cub scout events, educational shows to teach different concepts, etc.

Fun Magic Shows St. Louis

Holiday Magic Shows

Christmas Magic

holiday magic show St. Louis

Holiday themed magic. Can include Santa magically appearing! 

Halloween Magic

Halloween magic show St. Louis

or Harvest Show.  What a perfect season for a magic show!

July 4th Magic Show

July 4th Magic show

Our I Love America Show is also great for Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Easter Magic Show

Easter Magic Show

This features tricks with the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, and Easter treats.

Magic Show Birthday Party

Magic Birthday Party

Birthday Party Magician St. Louis
Comedy magic with your child, the star!  Balloons, goodie bags, magic workshop, and a giant wand magic set for your child!

Princess Birthday Party

Princess Birthday Party
Your princess will feel special as she makes magic happen! Princess goodie bags, balloons, & learning princess tricks!

Party Place St. Louis

Birthday Party Places St. Louis

Inflatables and magic–2 of the funnest kids activities–in 1 great party.  Plus, at the end, you walk away and we clean up!

Make A Movie Birthday Party


We teach the kids to put on a show for their parents at the end of the party, starring your child! We video the show for you to enjoy.

More Magic Shows

Cub Scout Magic Show

Cub Scout Magic Show

Cub Scout themed show, including neckerchief cleaning gone awry!

Magic Field Trip to Abra-Kid-Abra

Birthday Party Places St. Louis-Obstacle Course-Abra-Kid-Abra

Inflatables, magic show, workshop, game show, take-home tricks.

Artist Residency Magic

Artist in Residence Magic

Professional magic show, kids learn magic, kids star in their own show!

Puppet Magic

Puppet Magic Show

Puppets perform magic. Kids get their own puppet & learn a routine.


Educational Magic Shows

Character Magic Shows

Bullying Assembly

Bullying Magic Assembly

Teaches strategies if you encounter bullying, and how to make your school a bully-free zone.

Character Assembly

Character-Anti Bullying School Assembly

Reinforces your school’s character pillars, each highlighted by a different magical routine.

Drug Awareness Assembly

Drugfree Assembly Program

Helps make your school drugfree and innoculate students against alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.

Reading Magic Shows

Dr. Seuss Tribute Magic Show

Dr. Seuss Tribute Show

A fun, magical journey through many of Dr. Seuss’ wonderful, classic books! 

Author Visit – Magic Story Telling

Magic Story Book: Buford Bunny--The Pink Lemonade Mystery

We recount the story in the book we authored, using magic to illustrate key parts.

Magical Adventures of Super Reader

Super Reader

Super Reader’s magical, madcap quest to capture the elusive Music Maniac!

Reading Magic Show

Author Visit

Comedy magic designed to motivate kids to read and check out books!

Math Magic Shows

Math Magician Show

Math Magic Show

This comedy, math-based magic show is designed to excite kids about math, and show how much fun math really is!

Rapid Calculation Demo

Rapid Calculation Show

The math magician performs jaw dropping mental feats of arithmatic–then reveals his (math) secrets for kids to use!

Math Magic Carnival

math magic carnival

In groups, students rotate through stations, trying to solve a variety of math magic challenges.  Fun, hands-on learning!

Seasonal Magic Shows

Frosty’s Birthday

frosty birthday party

Comedy magic themed for Frosty’s Birthday, with Frosty himself appearing for the finale!

Dental Health Show

dental hygiene show

Dental Hygiene Tips taught via comedy magic. Great for Feb–Dental Hygiene Month.

Enviro Magic Show

enviro magic show

Key environmental learnings illustrated memorably via magic. Great for Earth Day.

Safety Magic Show


Teach your kids safety tips they’ll remember, using magic to convey them.

Perception & Fun History Magic Shows

Tales from Beyond

Tales from Beyond

Using actual artifacts, we tell a series of stories about eerie historical events–The Titanic, Salem Witch Trials, …  During the stores, unusual things happen.  Great for teens and Halloween.

How Magic Fools the Senses

shrinking head illusion

Ever wondered how it is that magic fools the senses?  Find out during this informative, entertaining presentation that is part magical demonstration, and part psychological principles.

Magic Show St. Louis, MO, IL

St. Louis, MO is where Abra-Kid-Abra is based; hence we present our magic shows in Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana much of the time.  Arkansas and Iowa we visit, as well as Kentucky and Tennessee, and sometimes Kansas and Oklahoma as well.

Schedule a Magic Show

For more info, or if you would like to schedule a magic show St. Louis, please call or email us.  We look forward to working with you.