Rent A Santa St. Louis

Santa Claus St. Louis

Looking to rent a Santa St. Louis for your holiday event? We have some pull with him, so give us a call and we can arrange for that to happen!

Rent a Santa St. Louis

It’s not easy to get Santa all the way to St. Louis from the North Pole! But he is coming to visit in December, and if you have been good this year, the big guy would love to meet you and your group!

Santa for Hire St. Louis

And More!

What can Santa do at your event?  Not only is Santa for Hire, but he can bring a cast of characters with him!

Santa for Hire St. Louis

Pictures with Santa

We can provide take-home photos for your guests with their child on Santa’s lap. A great keepsake to recall the family fun and memories your organization provided! Complete with holiday backdrop, holiday photo jackets, camera, tripod, and photographer.

Real Bearded Santa

For that most authentic experience, we have our new real bearded Santa on limited availability.

Mrs. Claus

Would you like to invite Mrs. Claus to the party? She can help with the photos with Santa, or do holiday-themed face painting or animal balloons. She is also good at keeping Santa in line!


Santa’s elves can get out of the factory for your party and create holiday themed balloon art or face painting for the kids. The elves are great side kicks to Santa!


Holiday Magician

Want Santa to make a grand entrance? Santa can bring his magician to perform a holiday-themed magic show. For the grand finale, he’ll make Santa appear! He can also teach the kids a holiday-themed trick they can perform and give it to them to take home!

holiday magician


Santa Clause St. Louis

It’s fun to see the different ways that people spell Santa Claus St. Louis.

Santa Clause

Some have great legal minds and are looking for the paragraph about Santa!

Santa Claws

Others think Santa has big mitts (“claws”)!


Still others don’t have time to put a space between “Santa” and “Claus”!

Santa Closs

I’m not sure what this means, exactly, but I see it on occasion!

Don’t worry. No matter how you spell Santa Claus St. Louis, we are happy to provide Santa for Hire at your event!

Santa Claus St. Louis

Rent a Santa St. Louis, MO or IL

Our Claus is willing to fly in MO, IL, and throughout the St. Louis area. In Missouri he has visited Christmas parties from Clayton to St. Charles.  From Wentzville to Webster Groves…  In Illinois, Santa has been sited in Edwardsville and O’Fallon.  In Collinsville and Belleville.  And to think that all of this is just in one night!


Santa for Hire St. Louis

Ready to rent a Santa St. Louis?  Call or email us at 314-961-6912 or 888-963-ABRA (2272).  Santa for Hire St. Louis can’t wait to drop in on your event!