Festival Entertainment, Fair Entertainment

Planning a fair, festival, or large event?  We can help you wow your crowd with a variety of fun, fair and festival entertainment!

Street Performers

Our street performers are great for large events. They will amaze the kids and adults, and get them laughing and having fun as well!


Street Magician

We can provide your choice of:

  • Street magic–Great if you have a very large crowd and other activities going on as well.
  • Comedy magic shows–Get your group laughing and having fun together.
  • Strolling, close-up magic–Performed right under your guests’ noses! Great as a warm-up to a show, in a dining area, etc.
  • Magic workshop—Teach kids tricks they can show their families and take home as souvenirs!



street juggler

Which juggler format(s) is best for your fair or festival entertainment?

  • Street Juggling–Draw a crowd. Wow them, get them laughing. Then let them move on, and start up again.
  • Juggling Show–Amaze and entertain your guests with a variety of juggling feats!
  • Roving Juggler–Work the crowd. Great as a warm-up prior to a show, or as entertainment in itself!
  • Circus Workshop–Let your guests try their hand at juggling and balancing various circus items. Interactive and hands on.


Stilt Walker

stilt walker

Towering high above the crowd, the stilt walker provides a great ambience for your event. A great way to greet your guests as they arrive.  Iconic fair and festival entertainment.


Side Acts

Our side acts not only provide great take-home souvenirs for your guests, but are entertaining to watch being made!


Face Painting

Face Painter

Very popular with kids, our face painting adds color and fun to your event!


Balloon Artist

balloon artist

Kids love watching the balloon artist twist the balloons into amazing shapes, and taking them home as souvenirs.


Glitter Tattoo Artist

glitter tattoo artist

Your guests will love wearing and showing off these glittering tattoos. They can last a few days, until you wash them off.


Caricature Artist

caricature artist

People enjoy watching the caricature artist in action, then taking home a comical depiction of themselves at your event.  This festival entertainment provides a great keepsake and long-lasting momento of your event.


Activity stations


Circus Play Area

circus play area

Your guests can try their hand at a variety of circus equipment—tossing rings, juggling scarves, spinning plates, twirling the ribbon, catching shaker cups, … Our resident circus instructor teaches simple tricks with the apparatus. Very interactive, hands on, and fun!


Make a magic trick

Your guests make and take home an amazing magic trick. Our continuously folding card is one of our more popular make-a-magic-trick items. You can carry it in your wallet and entertain your friends with a variety of puzzles and most of all, the amazing card itself!


Fair and Festival Entertainment St. Louis, MO and IL and Midwest

Where do we provide our fair and festival entertainment? Being based in St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois are the two biggest states we serve. Indiana and Kentucky, as well as Tennessee and Arkansas we travel to quite a bit. Iowa and Kansas are fairly close for us as well. If you are in a different state, let us know where you need us and we’ll do our best to bring our fair / festival entertainment to your location.


Hire Fair & Festival Entertainment

Please call or email us to discuss your unique event, and fair – festival entertainment we can provide or customize to enhance it. We look forward to delivering festival entertainment to make your event an even bigger success!