Math Carnival

Looking for a fun, interactive math event to engage and teach your students? Math Carnival could be just what your are seeking Math carnival:

  • Shows students how much fun math can be.
  • Teaches math through interactive, hands on activities.
  • Provides take-home props to students so they can show their new math skills to family and friends!
  • Gives your older students a great leadership experience facilitating the math activities for the younger students.
math carnival - addition

Activity Stations

  • We set up a series of interactive math activity stations in a large room (gym, cafeteria, multi purpose room, etc.) Signs at each station create a festive learning environment.
  • We train the oldest students at your school to facilitate the activity stations. Our program manager guides the success of the event on site.
  • In teams, students rotate through the activity stations. They learn math tricks, solve mathematical problems, and earn points.


We usually provide 6 different activity stations. Depending on how many students go through at once, there can be several of each station. Math carnival can serve anywhere from 1 grade to your whole school. It’s very flexible.

math carnival - topology

Math magic

We use math magic and math puzzles to teach addition, subtraction, geometry, topology, probability, and measurement. We provide all the props. Students find the math magic and the math puzzles to be fun and engaging.

math carnival - measurement math magic

Math Magic Other Resources

Here are a number of other ways to teach and excite students about math in a fun way.

Magic Math Summer Camp

Hone your math skills amidst the fun of learning magic!

Math Magician Show

Our math magician show excites students about math and teaches them a math magic trick they can perform and take home!

Math Magic After School Classes

Students learn math-based magic and put on a math magic show for their families the final class.


Learn free tricks and puzzles on our blog.  Even more if you like us on facebook.

Fun Math websites

Mind-Reading Gopher

Math Magic Trick

math carnival - subtraction activity station

Math Carnival St. Louis, MO, IL or Anywhere

The math carnival can be run anywhere. You can run it yourself, if you’d like. We supply a manual, instruction sheets, videos, and all necessary supplies. Or, if you are in the St. Louis, MO area or within a few hours drive or flight, we are glad to run the event so you don’t have to worry about it.  Please call or email us for further information on bringing this unique event to your kids!