School Assemblies

Looking for school assemblies in St. Louis, MO, IL, IN or other midwestern states? Abra-Kid-Abra offers character assemblies, reading assemblies, and math assemblies.

Character Assemblies:


Bullying School Assemblies
Heroes Not Bullies Assembly

Drug Awareness Assembly

drugfree school assemblies
Winners Aren’t Users Assembly

Character Assembly

Pillars of Character School Assemblies
Pillars of Character Assembly

Reading Assemblies:

Reading Magic Assembly

Reading Magic School Assemblies
Reading Magic Show

Fizz Boom Seuss Assembly

Dr. Seuss Show: Fizz Boom Seuss
Fizz Boom Seuss Show

Author Visit Assembly

Author Visit School Assemblies
Author Visit

Math Magic Assemblies:

Math Magician Assembly

math magician school assemblies
Math Magic Assembly

Human Calculator

lightning calculation demo
Lightning Calc Demo


math carnival
Math Magic Carnival

Seasonal Programs:

School Assembly

School assemblies are a passion for us.  It is a privilege to put on school shows for, often, several hundred students in a school assembly.  We only have 45 minutes to get across our message in educational shows for kids.  We strive to make our school performances not only memorable and impactful, but behavior-changing as well.  We can present one school show for the whole school.  Or, even better, two school shows, one for the older and one for the younger students.  This permits tailoring our school shows to students’ grade level.

Math Magician Show/workshop

School Shows–3 Ways We Benefit Your Students

Our school shows benefit your students in several ways:

1.  Strong message, Great entertainment.  Magic is a great tool to grab students’ attention and to get a message across in a way they’ll remember for a lot longer than if we just stood up there and talked.  Our school assemblies convey key messages using a very engaging set of entertainment tools: magic, comedy, audience interaction, and puppetry.

2.  Study Guide and Posters.  Each our our school assemblies includes a study guide to extend the learning into the classroom before and/or after the assembly program.  Posters are also included with each of our school assemblies to excite students about our upcoming school performances.

3.  Kids Learn Magic/Develop Presentation Skills.  Students take home a trick they can perform in each of our school assemblies.  Often students get excited about magic after our assembly programs.  If you like, we can offer a follow-on after school magic class to help your students develop their presentation skills and confidence.  There is no cost to the school for this class.  Please ask us for more details.

School Field Trips

Looking to get the kids out into the field?  We offer a math field trip and a reading field trip at our location in the Webster Groves area of St. Louis, MO.

Abra-Kid-Abra Magical Entrance

School Assemblies St. Louis, MO, IL, and Midwest

Since we are based in St. Louis, MO, we deliver many of our school assemblies in Missouri and Illinois.  Indiana and Arkansas are close by–we travel there quite a bit.  We are also often in Kentucky and Tennessee.  Same with Iowa and Oklahoma and Kansas.  Anywhere you are willing to reimburse our travel to get to, we are delighted to travel there and present our school show.

Book a School Assembly

For more info, or to schedule your assembly, call us at 314-961-6912 or email us.  We look forward to providing your students with a fun and impactful educational experience.