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Word Puzzles Game Show

Abra-Kid-Abra’s Wordle Game Show St. Louis is fun for adults and kids. It is highly customizable, and a lot of fun! We can customize our questions for your event. For instance, we can provide a holiday themed game show, a math game show, a baseball game show, etc.

wordles game show St. Louis

To provide some examples of our game show questions (or “wordles”, as we call them), do you know what these are saying?

 wordle game show example 1

wordle game show example 2
wordle game show example 3

Answers to these questions are at the end of next section.


Jeopardy TV-Style Game Show

game show St. Louis, MO, IL

Our game show has categories and point values, similar to the popular TV game show, Jeopardy. In our Jeopardy type show, participants in teams or as individuals try to figure out what the wordle is saying. The low point wordles are easier, while the higher point wordles can be quite challenging!

We don’t generally provide Alex Trabeck as our host, but our host is comical, fun, and will put on a fun, participatory show for your guests!  Or, if you prefer, we can provide the equipment and you supply your own host.

Beware, the wordles are addicting!  People really like them.  And different people see things in different ways, providing an opportunity for different people to shine.

For adults and older groups of kids, we’ll sometimes have the teams come up with their own word puzzles and see if the other teams can figure them out.  Often, participants come up with great ones!  Sometimes we also add in some physical challenges amidst the word puzzles to add to the fun.

Customized Game Show

Categories can be fun ones such as sports, recreation, and food.  They can include educational ones such as math, reading, and history.  We can do all math categories if you want that.  We can also create a customize category about your organization.  For instance, we provided the game show for a Centenial Celebration for a city, and, at their request, for one of the categories we created word puzzles all about their city and its history.  We have also done a game show for holiday-themed events.  For instance:

game show holiday wordle
game show bicentennial wordle

Have we covered everything?  Oh yes, the answers!  leftover pizza; good afternoon;  last but not least.  The customized wordle answers:  The Night before Christmas; Noel; Ronald Reagan speech on the street in front of the courthouse.  How did you do?  With a little practice, you’ll be a pro!  If you want more, here is a puzzle page you might enjoy.


Holiday Parties, Picnics, School Assemblies,…

What sort of events and where do we provide our game show?  Holiday parties, banquets, and picnics are great venues for this program. School assemblies, curriculum nights, country club programs,…  Game show St. Louis is very versatile and is effective in a wide range of events.  It can play to several hundred—e.g. in a school. Or it can play for a group of 25 or less.


Game Show St. Louis, MO, IL

Since we are based in St. Louis, we conduct many of our performances in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. However, we also serve Kentucky and Tennessee. And we enjoy traveling to Iowa and Arkansas as well. Our equipment is quite portable, so wherever you’d like your game show St. Louis, we are probably willing to come!

We look forward to adding fun to your next event with our wordle game show St. Louis!