Library Programs

Library Programs for Kids

Looking for fun library programs?  You’ve come to the right place!  Abra-Kid-Abra’s library programs for kids are designed to:

  • Draw more people to your library
  • Entertain them with a great show
  • Excite them about reading.  Entice them to check out books.

Your patrons will enjoy a great library show, and you will be the star for having brought the program to your library!  We offer several different library programs:

Summer Reading Program

Lunar-tricks Landing

Its been 50 years since man first landed on the moon.  What a magical time, what a magical place, what a better way to celebrate this history than with a bit of magic.

For info on our new program, please click this button:

Summer Reading Program Info

Library Programs for Teenagers

Artifacts from Tales from Beyond

Getting young adults to set down their electronic gadgets and come to a library program for teenagers can be a challenge!  Our Tales from Beyond Program is a unique library program for teens!  As the presenter recounts true historical events such as the Titanic, the Salem Witches, Shrunken heads of Borneo, etc., weird things happen!  Learn more about our library programs for teenagers.

Fizz Boom Seuss!

Dr. Seuss Show: Fizz Boom Seuss

Treat your readers to a magical journey through Dr. Seuss’ wonderful books!  Our tribute to Dr. Seuss includes magic, mirth, mayhem, and a take-home magical souvenir for all the kids. Be prepared to check out a lot of Dr. Seuss books after this very popular library reading program!

Magic Workshop

Post Show Magic Workshop

We love empowering kids to perform magic.  That’s a main reason Abra-Kid-Abra was started back in 2005.  In our magic workshop, kids learn magic that they can perform, and take home tricks to amaze family and friends. We can gear the magic workshop for elementary or teen.  Teens can even have them star as the opening act for our show at your library!  Ask about our bookend program featuring a summer reading show at one end of the summer, a magic workshop at the other, and a new magic bookmark each week in between to keep kids returning to the library!

Mathemagic Show

Magic Magic Geoetry Demo

Looking to offer a fun math program?  Our mathemagic show excites kids about math, showing them how much fun math can be.  The magic is all math-based.  At the end of the show, kids take home a math magic trick that they can perform for friends and family.

Library Programs for Kids MO, IL and More!

Audience Laughing at Comedy Magic

Since we are based in St. Louis, you may think that we only perform our library reading programs in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.  Not so.  Perhaps you are in TN or KY or AR.  Or maybe your library is in IA or KS.  We put on library reading programs in your area also!  Call or email us. We’d love to bring our library programs for kids to your library!