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Looking for an engaging author visit?

Have you ever had author visits where the person was a great author, but the presentation was not very engaging to students?

Since our book was a combination story/magic book, our program includes magic, comedy, lots of audience participation, and puppets.  So it is a highly engaging and interactive author visit!

Author Visit for Schools Content

Our book is a story book with magical twists.  Buford the Bunny sets out to visit the circus.  In the course of his adventure, he winds up in a number of predicaments–which he is able to extricate himself from using magic tricks–which are taught to the readers at the end of each chapter.  Buford Bunny-The Pink Lemonade Mystery  is 74 pages.  It is written at about the third grade level.  It contains a number of illustrations to accompany the story, and numerous photos to teach the tricks.  It took nearly a year to write this book.

Magic Story Book: Buford Bunny--The Pink Lemonade Mystery

Our Author Visit is ideally suited for elementary schools and pre-schools.  Our school assembly takes students through the story, using magic, comedy, and puppets along the way to illustrate some of Buford’s tough situations, and the magic he used to escape them.  We also talk about what it was like to write the book, what challenges were involved, and what we learned that we hope to apply to future books.  We are glad to stay to autograph books for any students who would like a copy.

Here are some book-writing tips that we followed that you may find useful in writing your own book.

Author Visit Assembly St. Louis, MO, IL, and Midwest

We do our author visits at elementary schools in Missouri and Illinois and Indiana.  Arkansas and Iowa we also visit.  Tennessee and Kentucky as well.  Being based in St. Louis, we are easily accessible to midwestern states via car, or other states throughout the U.S. by plane.

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