Bullying Assembly

Anti-Bullying Assemblies

Looking for a Bullying assembly in MO, IL or the midwest?  School bullying is a big problem these days.  Bullying can have major adverse effects on students, affecting their self confidence, academic performance, social life, and more.  How can we prevent bullying?

Bullying Assembly

Our Heroes, Not Bullies Anti Bullying Assembly helps stop the bullying.  It helps students recognize when someone is being bullied.  It teaches practical strategies on how to say no to bullying.   And it encourages students not to be passive bystanders when they witness bullying.

This bullying assembly won’t–by itself–stop the bullying.  However, as part of an anti bullying program, it is a great component.  Many schools use this to kick off their anti bullying programs.  Others use it mid year to reinforce their anti bullying program and keep this message top of mind.


Bullying Assembly Content

Here is a synopsis of the content in our bullying assembly.

Anti Bullying Assembly

  1. Intro to the Bullying Issue—what is the problem, why should it concern you?
    Magic Drawing Board Routine—a drawn figure comes to life and discusses with the presenter how it feels to be bullied.
  2. What does a bully look like?
    Our Sketch-O-Matic Routine shows that you can’t tell bullies by what they look
    like.  It’s their  behavior that matters.
  3. Helping others makes you a “big” person.  Bullying others diminishes your stature. Giant & Dwarf routine.  A fairy tale setting is used to depict the story of the giant and the dwarf.   When the giant bullies people, he becomes smaller (he shrinks).  When the dwarf is nice to people, he becomes bigger in stature (he becomes taller than the giant).
  4. Five Characteristics of Bulllying
    Scarf Vanish and Reappearance Routine.  In the course of this entertaining sequence, students learn 5 bullying behaviors:  1)  Bullies can tease you.  2) Bullies can call you names.  3) Bullies can exclude you.  4) Bullies can push or hit you.  5) Bullies can get you in trouble.
  5. What to do if you are being bullied?
    Sign Transformation Routine.  Students learn 4 things that don’t work:  a) keep quiet, don’t tell anyone about it.  b)  yell and scream at the bully.  C) beg or plead.  D) fight.   These magically transform into 4 more effective behaviors, which students can remember with the acronym “SAFE”:  S:  Stand tall.  A:  Ask for help (from teachers, parents, bus driver, etc.)   F:  figure out your choices.  What can you do to avoid the bully?  E:  End it calmly.
  6. Working together helps prevent bullying.
    This is illustrated by a routine where each audience member clasps their own hands together,but mysteriously, cannot do what the presenter does!
  7. Be a Hero, not a bystander.
    Four colorful silk handkerchiefs that spell out HERO change blend into 1 big handkerchief, showing that helping others can prevent bullying.

Bully Assembly Study Guide:

Included in our program is a study guide to help extend the learning into the classroom before and/or after the bullying assembly.

school assembly word puzzle
What is this word puzzle saying? (Answer at bottom of page.)


Bullying Assemblies MO, IL and more

For our bullying assembly St. Louis is our home base.  So we present our anti bully assemblies in Missouri and Illinois quite a bit.  Arkansas and Iowa are also states where we present our bullying assembly.  Also Tennessee, Indiana and Kentucky.  Kansas and Oklahoma are also within our assembly service area.

bullying assembly show


Additional Resources for Bully Prevention and Character Assemblies

GirlsHealth.gov  and stopbullying.gov offer some great resources for bully prevention in schools.

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What is the above word puzzle saying?  The end of bullying!