Magic Puppet Show St. Louis

Magic Puppet Show

In our unique Magic Puppet Show St. Louis program, 1 puppet after another comes out to perform different magical tricks! Young children love puppets. Combine them with magic and you have a really fun show!

Magic Puppet Show St. Louis

Our large fluffy puppets perform magic that baffles even the adults!  The children are invited to pet and hug the puppets. They enjoy Leo the Lion jumping through a hoop, Buford the Bunny trying to pull off his silly tricks, Kooky the Mind Reading Tooky Bird mind reading a chosen number, and Rocky scurrying around and showing his tricks. From jumping finger puppets to dancing marionettes, a full range of puppets perform their magic for everyone.  And who knows, if you listen closely, a hand-drawn face on a white board might even come to life and start talking!

After the magic puppet show St. Louis, the kids and the puppets make a great photo! Especially adorable for first birthday parties where the puppets surround the child.

Puppet Magic-Raccoon


Puppet Show Magic Workshop

After the Puppet Show Magic, if you like, we can do a puppet workshop with the kids where each of them takes home a puppet! They also learn a routine they can do with their puppet to show to family and friends.


Camp Inhouse field trips, Early Release Day Programs, 1st Birthday Party Entertainment, …

What events are best for the magic puppet show? Day camp programs are great for puppet show magic. Early Release Days are also a great venue for our Puppet Show Magic program. And you are looking for first birthday party entertainment, our Magic Puppet Show is a great choice! Any event where you are looking to entertain young children is likely a good setting for Puppet Show Magic.

Audience enjoying magic puppet show St. Louis

Magic Puppet Show St. Louis, MO, IL

Most of our Magic Puppet Show St. Louis programs are performed in and around the St. Louis area, or in Missouri or Illinois. Indiana and Arkansas, and Kentucky and Tennessee we also present Puppet Show Magic. Iowa and Kansas too. If you are in a different state, let us know and we’ll see about bringing our Magic Puppet Show to you!