Math Puzzle - Arrange Five Six's

Can You Arrange Five 6’s so They Equal 19?

You can put the 6’s together however you’d like.  And you can use whatever arithmetic symbols you want:  +, -, x, or /.  Tough one, eh?

puzzler: spelling bee

Spelling Bee

Can you arrange the 9 letters of “EXTENSION” to spell 3 numbers?  Each is less than 20.  You may only use each letter once.


Can you figure out this wordle?

puzzler: abe

The Alphabet: A-B-E?

Professor Wordsmith says that the letter that comes right after AB in the alphabet is E.  How can this be?

puzzler: 26 cents

26 cents

I have 2 coins in my hand totaling 26 cents.  One of them is not a penny.  What are they? 

puzzler 5x6=8x4?


My English teacher says that 5×6=8×4.  How can that be true?


Can You Decipher this Secret Message?

Take away six letters to find a great activity to do this summer.  Can you figure out what it is?

math magic 1705 word puzzle

Any clue what this wordle is saying?


Can you figure out what this says?

Learn Magic - Cattle Rustlers

Learn Magic: Cattle Rustlers

A mystifying trick with a great story! Want to learn to do this one? If you enjoy story magic, check out our summer camps St. Louis!  Particularly our magic mystery camp–a combination of magic and theater, where campers write and put on their own magical mystery show.