Any idea what this wordle is saying?

Learn Magic - Invisible Ball

Learn Magic: Invisible Ball

“I don’t believe in invisible balls… Or do I?”

Magic Puzzle - Tea Kettle

Tea Kettle Konundrum

Here’s a puzzler to warm you up on a chilly day.  How much tea does the average size tea kettle hold? 

jumping party place st. louis obstacle course

Jumping Party Places or Jump House Rental? Which to do for your child’s birthday?

It’s birthday party time and you’d like to do inflatables.  Should you go to one of the jumping party places?  Or should you rent a jumpy house?  How do you choose?  Here are some pros and cons of each option to help you have the best jump house party. Jumping birthday party place – Advantages:  You are protected against bad weather. By having your

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Can You Figure Out What This January Word Puzzle is Saying?

Frosty's Birthday Magic St. Louis

Snowman Craft Ideas for Child Care Centers

Snow and snowmen are fun programming ideas for child care centers.  Here are some snow craft ideas and some snow book recommendations to help make your snow programming fun and engaging. Snow Craft Ideas for Child Care Center Children Paper Bag Snowman Puppets Get some white paper bags, lunch bag size.  (I have seen these at Walmart.)  Using black construction paper cut out circles

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snow programs for child care centers St. Louis

Snowman Games for Preschoolers

So you are planning some snowman activities for your pre schoolers, and you would like some fun snowman games they can play.  Here are 2 snowman games for preschoolers, a suggestion on how to kick off your snowman activities, and 3 snow book recommendations.   Snowman Games for Child Care Students Indoor Snowball Fight Get some white tissue paper.  Cut the pieces in half. 

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jumping party place bounce house

Inflatable Party Places – How to Choose the Best?

It’s birthday party time and your child would like to go to an inflatable party place this year.  You have multiple options.  How do you choose the best one to give your child the best experience you can? Inflatable Party Places – 5 Things to Look For Here are 5 factors to consider: Having the inflatables to yourself. Some inflatable party places have the

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Learn Magic - Hole in Head

Learn Magic: Hole in Your Head?

Your friends will believe you have a hole in your head after this!

cub scout activities St. Louis

Cub Scout Blue & Gold and Pack Meeting Entertainment: Why Magic is a Great Choice

The Blue & Gold Banquet is coming around and it’s your job to book the entertainment.  What will you bring in this year?  An after dinner speaker?  You don’t want to put the kids to sleep!  A puppet show?  Great for the young ones, but the older scouts could get antsy.  What to bring in, then, that will hold the attention of a wide

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