Princess Party St Louis

Birthday Princess Party St. Louis

Looking for a princess party St. Louis? We would love to make your princess grin from ear to ear and feel like royalty on her birthday! Her guests will laugh and have a lot of fun. And you can sit back and enjoy your princess party!

We offer 3 princess party St. Louis packages. We’ll describe the big one, which includes everything. Then, if you like, we can detail the other two. If you are looking for princess party places St. Louis, we also have a location in Webster Groves with inflatables and princess magic. More on that at the bottom.

Princess Party Magician

princess party St. Louis magician

Our big princess party is 1 hour. When your guests enter the room, they are struck by our theatrical backdrop, which creates a theater in your home look.

The princess party magician is ready to start the show, but he can’t find the birthday girl! There is a big box sitting there. She isn’t inside, is she? We show it to the audience—no, it’s empty. The kids yell “Happy Birthday ______ (your daughter’s name)!” and she pops out of the box! Talk about a grand entrance!

magic party St. Louis princess production

In our princess party magic show, we weave the tricks into a story about a magical princess—your daughter. She helps make magical things happen throughout the story, and at the end, is able to extricate everyone from a predicament and save the day!

princess party St. Louis laughter

The show is packed with comedy and audience interaction. So your guests will laugh a lot, interact, and have a lot of fun! The princess party St. Louis magic show is approximately 30 minutes.

princess party magician-levitation

To close the show, your princess floats in thin air! This is a great trick, and makes a great photo when you look back on this day many years from now!

Princess Party Magic Workshop

princess party magic workshop

Next we teach the kids some magic tricks they can perform themselves! Kids love being able to show their tricks after the party to family and friends. This makes them feel like big stars! This takes typically 10-15 minutes.

Princess Party Animal Balloons

princess party animal balloons

We twist for each child their own animal balloon to take home. Kids love taking home these colorful keepsakes. Depending on the number of kids you have, this generally takes 15-20 minutes.

Princess Party Favors

princess party favors

Each guest takes home a princess goodie bag with approximately 6 princess-themed tricks and novelties. In the magic workshop, we go through the items in their bags, teaching them how to use them.

princess party favors-hats and wands

Each guest also takes home their own magician top hat and magic wand. The top hats are black plastic. (They get silk opera hats when they are more advanced!) The wands are packaged with our illustrated instruction card teaching 6 tricks they can perform with their magic wand.

princess party favors-magic set

The princess party St. Louis culminates with your birthday princess getting a special birthday prize—a magic set that is inside a giant magic wand! The set include 12 different tricks and an instruction booklet for performing 100 tricks!

We also provide downloadable invitations. You can type in the particulars once and print them—saving you from having to handwrite each invitation individually.

Princess Party St. Louis, MO, IL

We offer princess birthday parties throughout the St. Louis metro area and beyond. So whether you are in MO or IL, O’Fallon or St. Peters, Edwardsville or Chesterfield, or even Springfield, Illinois or Columbia, Missouri, we are glad to bring our magical pixie dust to your event!

Princess Party Packages and Pricing

Princess Birthday Party St. Louis

The above is our platinum princess party St. Louis. We also offer 2 scaled down versions—gold and silver princess parties. For information on our 3 princess party St. Louis packages and pricing, please complete the form below. Or call us at 314-961-6912. We look forward to helping your daughter and her guests have a really fun and special princess party!

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Princess Party Places St. Louis

If you’d like to have the party at our location in Webster, let us do the clean up, and add inflatables to the party, check out our princess party places St. Louis.

princess party places St. Louis

Abra-Kid-Abra Entrance

princess party bounce house

Inflatable Bounce House

princess party place obstacle course

Inflatable Obstacle Course

Princess Party Cake Room

Cake Room Celebration