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Fun Picnic Entertainment

Planning a company picnic in MO or IL?  Looking for picnic entertainment ideas?  You have come to the right event planners! Picnic entertainment can be a challenge.  The kids are all different ages, and they often need to be entertained for several hours.  Plus, at least some of your picnic entertainment should also engage the adults! Entertainment creates fun, and your guests will remember the fun they had long after the event is over!  Fun entertainment at your picnic can also help your employees bond and become more of a team.

We can provide any or all of these corporate entertainments to make your company picnic an even bigger success!


Comedy Magic
Comedy Magician

Everyone was talking about your tricks and how much fun they had with you. Thanks so much for making time to come out to our picnic Saturday. Obviously you were a huge success.

Midge Krueger, Wehrenberg Theaters

Our magic 3-pack is very popular at company picnics.  It starts with strolling, close-up magic as a warm up.  Your guests enjoy magic at very close range, right under their noses!  This whets their appetite for second element, the magic show.    Our comedy magic show gets the kids and adults laughing and having fun.  It provides a shared experience for your team members that they have a lot of fun with.  Following the show, we conduct a magic workshop with the kids to teach them tricks THEY can perform for their families.  And we give them magical props to keep.  They get very excited becoming magicians themselves, and are quick to run to their families showing them their tricks!  The tricks make nice take-home favors for the kids.  The magician can also twist animal balloons for the kids for additional fun.

Face Painting

Face Painting Picnic Entertainment
Face Painting

Kids love to get their faces painted at company picnics!  Our face painters can go anywhere from quick, simple designs to full faces.  When the kids are pleased with their faces painted, your employees are happy as well!

Caricature Artist

Caricature Artist

Thank for being such a “hit” with children and adults at our annual picnic!

 K. L. Beckmann, Spann Corp.

Caricatures make great take-home souvenirs for adults and kids at a corporate picnic.  Your company name or logo can appear on all the pictures as part of the picnic entertainment to commemorate your event when the caricature on hung on the wall at home.  It’s also fun for your guests to watch the caricatures as they are being drawn.

Balloon Artist

Balloon Animals Picnic Entertainment
Balloon Animals

Kids enjoy watching the balloon artist make his creations.  And they enjoy taking the balloons home even more!  Animal balloons make a great take home item, and they add a lot of color and fun to a corporate picnic.

Circus Shows

Circus Arts

Your guests will be dazzled with this fast paced exhibition of juggling rings, spinning plates, twirling sticks, and more.  This show is highly interactive, involving a lot of guests from the audience.  There is also a lot of comedy.  This can be done as a 3-pack like the magic above:  strolling circus arts, then an interactive comedy circus show, then a circus workshop where the guests try their hand at the circus equipment.  For large events we can provide an interactive circus play area where we teach guests how to do various tricks with the circus equipment.  Sprinkled in are occasional circus shows.

Activity Stations

Temporary Tattoos Picnic Entertainment
Temporary Tattoos

Activity stations provide hands-on, interactive fun!  These include a game show, team building, learning to twist balloons, and more!


Company Picnic Entertainment, Family Picnic Entertainment, or Church Picnic Entertainment

There are different types of picnics.  Whether you are planning a company picnic for your employees, a family picnic, a chuch picnic, or some other type of picnic, we are ready to assist you with fun entertainment!


Picnic Entertainment St. Louis, MO and IL

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