Dental Hygiene Show

Dental Health Month Show

February is Dental Health Month. What will you do to celebrate it? How do you teach good dental hygiene and nutrition habits to kids in a fun, engaging way?  With Abra-Kid-Abra’s Dental Hygiene Show, of course!

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Dental Hygiene Show Description

dental hygiene show

Our Dental Hygiene Show teaches dental health tips in a fun, memorable way. We tell a story about a boy with a big, toothy smile. He fell into some bad dental hygiene habbits—eating a lot of candy, not brushing his teeth. He then magically loses his teeth! When he goes to the dentist, resumes regularly brushing his teeth and eating better, his toothy smile (magically) reappears!


Some tricks teach nutrition and good eating habits. Others cover tooth brushing and flossing. Magic, comedy, and some puppetry reinforce the message, engaging kids’ attention, and getting the content across in a fun, memorable manner.

Here are 10 tips for Healthy Teeth from WebMD.  This is a good resource, and a basis for some of the dental health tips in our show.



Dental Health Show – School Assemblies, Child Care Centers

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What are good places to do a dental health show? School assemblies and child care centers are mainly where we present it.  Scout groups and church groups might also be good audiences for it.  If you like, we can perform it in a dental office too!



Dental Hygiene Show St. Louis, MO and IL

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Missouri and Illinois and Indiana are where we put on our dental hygiene show predominantly, being based in St. Louis. Tennessee and Kentucky, and Iowa and Arkansas are also states in which we regularly perform. Wherever your need is, let us know and we’ll do our best to be there.



Hire a Dental Hygiene Show

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A dental hygiene show is a great way to celebrate Dental Health Month, and help your kids develop good dental and nutrition habits when they are young. For more info, or to hire a dental health show, call or email us.