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How to Celebrate Earth Day?

April is Environmental Education Month. Earth Day itself is April 22. How to celebrate Earth Day?  Protecting our environment is important to teach kids. But lecturing can bore them. How to teach kids about the environment in an engaging way?  Presenting…Abra-Kid-Abra’s Enviro Magic Show!

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Enviro Magic Show Description

enviro magic show

Our Enviro Magic Show is built around the 3 R’s of the environment: Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Comedy magic brings these concepts to life in a memorable manner!

For instance, in talking about reducing energy usage, one tip thrown out is to turn out the lights when you leave the room. The magician holds up a lightbulb to illustrate this point, and as he is looking at the kids, unseen by the magician, the light bulb lights in his bare hand! The kids let him know this, but when the magician looks over, it is unlit. This happens a few times amid some comic byplay.

One of a couple tricks that teaches about reuse involves a boy who is trying to drink his juice from a thermos, instead of from a package that goes in the landfill. As the magician is looking at the audience, the boy slides over to the packaged juice! The kids start yelling, but when the magician looks, he has gone back to the thermos. This happens a few times to the delight of the kids, culminating in a magical and educational ending.

To teach about recycling, the magician keeps pulling different recyclable items out of an empty box and piling them on a child’s outstretched arms. The more items that are produced and discussed, the more items the poor child has to try to balance in his arms without dropping!

The kids each take home a souvenir Enviro Magic Show trick where they make a tree disappear! The trick is based on Dr. Seuss’ classic book, The Lorax.

The Enviro Magic Show teaches important environmental lessons using magic and comedy to engage attention and convey key points.

50 Ways to Help the Planet  is a great resource for kids.  Some of our show material is drawn from this info.


Enviro Magic Show—School Assemblies, Child Care Centers

Enviro Magic Show School Assemblry

What sort of events are well suited for an Enviro Magic Show? School assemblies, child care programs, libraries, and Earth Day celebrations all make good opportunities for the Enviro Magic Show. Any educational event in April or May is a good setting, or any other time of the year as well.



Enviro Magic Show St. Louis, MO and IL and IN

Enviro Magic Show

Being based in St. Louis, many of our Enviro Magic Shows take place in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. However, Arkansas and Iowa are common locations for our shows, as are Kentucky and Tennessee. If you are in a different state, please let us know and we’re glad to discuss coming to you as well.


Hire an Enviro Magic Show

Dr. Seuss Show Take Home Trick

Call or email us for more information or to reserve your date. Hire an Enviro Magic Show today!