Caricature Artist St. Louis

Caricature Artist for Hire

Looking for a caricature artist St. Louis? Caricature Artists are great additions to a party. Caricatures make great take-home souvenirs for your guests. People frame and keep them, so your event will be long-remembered. It’s fun to watch a caricaturist in action, and compare the caricature to the person.

Caricature Artist St. Louis

The caricaturist was so popular that we asked had her stay an extra hour. We look forward to working with you again soon!

Candice Clark, Hammond Associates

Caricatures can be done in color or black and white. They can include something the guest likes to do–e.g. a tennis racquet, a baseball cap, … The caricature artist can also include on each page, your organization’s name, logo, or caricature of what your organization does.

Cartoonist St. Louis

The caricature artist was fabulous! Thanks for helping make our festival a big success.

Sherri Klekamp, Ellisville Parks & Recreation

Caricature Artist Events–Holiday Parties, Picnics, …

What types of events are best to use a caricature artist? Christmas parties, picnics, and holiday gatherings work well.  Fairs and festivals, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and project graduation parties are also great venues for a caricature artist St. Louis.

Caricature artist drawing of a girl at an employee picnic.

Caricaturist, Cartoonist, or Caricature Artist

What do you call someone who draws caricatures? Some say caricature artist or caricaturist. Others say caricature maker. We have also heard cartoon artist, cartoonist, even character drawings! However you say it, drawers of caricatures are a lot of fun!

Caricaturist Sample r1
Caricaturist Sample r1
Caricaturist Sample 2
Caricaturist Sample r2
Caricaturist Sample 3
Caricaturist Sample r3

Caricaturist Artist St. Louis, MO, IL and Beyond

Where do our caricature artists draw? Since most of us are based in St. Louis, we often draw in Missouri and Illinois—whether it be Ellisville or Belleville, Maryland Heights or Fairview Heights, O’Fallon MO or O’Falloon IL. Sometimes we cartoon in Tennessee or Kentucky or Iowa. We have even been seen in Indiana and Arkansas as well.

Caricaturist Sample j1
Caricaturist Sample j1
Caricaturist Sample j2
Caricaturist Sample j2

Hire a Caricature Artist St. Louis

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