Math Magician

Is it possible to excite school children about math?  Yes with Abra-Kid-Abra’s Math Magician Show!  Our Math Magician Show demonstrates how fun and exciting math is!  It is educational, fun, and engaging.  Why wasn’t math ever this fun when we were kids!

Math magician Show
Math Magic Show

“I really enjoyed the mathmagic presentation,” said instructional specialist Val Todaro. “Our goal was to get students interested in math and we did. We had approximately 140 parents and students in attendance and immediate feedback was very positive.”

Val Todero, Lusher Elementary

Math Magician School Assembly Programs, Math Curriculum Nights, and More

At what sort of events do we provide our Math Magician Show?  School assemblies are great venues for our math magician program.  So are math curriculum nights. Pi week (the week of March 14) is a superb time for a math magic show.  Our math magician show is appropriate for K-5, or K-12.  If you have a middle school or high school audience, you might check out our lightning calculation assembly.  Any time you are looking to help boost math test scores or excite students about math, our math magician show can be a great addition to your program.

Magic Magician Geoetry Demonstration

“The students really enjoyed your math magic assembly.”

Joyce Politte, St. Joachim School

Math Magician Show Content

Goal:  To get students excited about math, and see how much fun math is!  We also teach students to do a mathmagician trick that hones their mental math skills.

Outline of Math Concepts Covered:

1.  Introduction:  Applause Meter gets students engaged with a comical ending.

2.  Numbers and Counting:

a.  Coin Production routine introduces counting and connects with the audience.
b.  Die Box:  Students read different numerical faces of a large die, then get involved in some fun with the numbered die.

3.  Even-Odd:  The Even-Odd Jumbo Card Trick reinforces the difference between even and odd numbers.

4.  Addition

a.  Small Number Addition:  In Prizes, students get the opportunity to win a fabulous prizes using a humorous addition activity.
b.  Exponential Addition:  Doing the Dishes teaches students how doubling numbers can add up very quickly.  Students take home a version of this to show their families.
c.  Lightning Addition:  A student creates 4 different 4-digit numbers.  The presenter mentally totals them in under 2 seconds!
d.  Mental Addition:  Students learn and take home a math magician trick they can perform.  It requires quick mental addition.

5.   Lightning Subtraction:  A student from the audience, using no props, instantly subtracts 1 randomly called out 3-digit number from another!

6.  Geometry:  Can 2 linked circles be unlinked?  A humorous and amazing math magician demonstration.

7.  Dividing a Number in Half:  Amidst his comic antics, Buford, our unflappable rabbit in
the hat puppet mascot, attempts to divide a challenging selected number in half.

This school program is subject to change, but the above is a good representation of what’s generally covered.

Math Magician Study Guide

Included in our Math Magician Assembly is a study guide to help extend math magic learning into the classroom.

Math Magician St. Louis, MO and IL

Where do we present our Math Magician programs?  Since we are based in St. Louis, our math magician is often found at school assemblies in MO and IL.  We also perform our math magician magic show in IN and KY.  AR and IA are close by for us, as are KS and OK.  We also conduct our math magician school assembly in TN and any other states clients are willing to have us out to.