Summer Camp Activities St. Louis

Fun Camp Activities

Magic and Circus Shows/workshops, and more!

Looking for fun summer camp activities?   With Abra-Kid-Abra your camp your summer camp activities will have your kids laughing, interacting, and having fun!

In House Field Trips St. Louis

Show/workshops at your location.  The kids laugh and have fun during the show. Then they learn & take home tricks to show their families the fun they are having at camp!

Show/workshops are 1 hour.  Ask how to save money, including how to get a free show/workshop!

Artist in Residence Programs

Our magic and circus day programs start with a comedy magic or circus show. Then we teach each group a different act to perform in the show. Finally we emcee a show in which the kids star! Video the show and play it back the next day. Kids love seeing themselves on TV! Program length is flexible. Most often they last a half or a whole day.

If you’d like your kids to learn magic, circus, or balloon art, ask about us coming in to teach a class!


In House Field Trips St. Louis, MO and IL

Where do we present our in house field trips? Missouri and Illinois are our main locations, being based in St. Louis, MO. Indiana and Arkansas, and Iowa and Kentucky we also drive to. Tennessee and Kansas we serve as well. If you are in a state I haven’t mentioned, please contact us and we are glad to see if we can work something out.


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