I Love America Show St. Louis

I Love America Comedy Magic Show

Our I Love America Show St. Louis provides great 4th of July entertainment!  It’s also a fun program for celebrating our nation’s history at other patriotic events and any other time you want to help instill a sense of pride in our country. Our program is a family comedy magic show with a strong patriotic theme.  If you have a patriotic theme at your school or camp, our I Love America Show is a great way to teach kids about their country.

I love America Show St. Louis


I Love America Show St. Louis Content

Content varies from show to show, but here is an example of routines it often includes:

  1. Patriotic Ropes—A magical routine about the founders of our country using teamwork to create the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights.
  2. Hero Prediction—We introduce the founders of our country, and a key fact or two about them. Then they help us with an amazing prediction!
  3. Shining a Light—Ben Franklin discovered electricity. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.  Here is a comical, interactive routine that shines a light on these inventions.
  4. I Cannot Tell a Lie—An audience participatory routine about George Washington chopping down the cherry tree.
  5. Jumping Abe-An entertaining routine about Abe Lincoln.  Two members of the audience help create some magic.
  6. Betsy Ross Sews a Flag by Magic –We attempt to transform red, white, and blue handkerchiefs into a flag, but things keep going wrong. Finally, with the audience’s help, a flag magically appears!
  7. Buford the Bunny Summary Routine—Buford is our comical rabbit mascot. At the end he summarizes key patriotic messages to help the kids remember the main points. There is a lot of comedy and byplay as Buford highlights the key points!

Magic Workshop

Following the show, at your option, we can teach the kids some patriotic tricks they can show family and friends!  Kids enjoy being the stars.  The kids take home magical souvenirs they can use to amaze their audiences.

Street Performing and Strolling Magic

Street Magician July 4th Event

If you have a July 4th entertainment festival with lots of people coming and going, we can provide street magic!  Our street magician does short, continuous, crowd-drawing shows.  Build up a crowd, entertain them for a bit, let them move on to another activity and start up with the next group.

If a show is more appropriate for your event , we can also augment it with strolling, close-up magic beforehand to whet your guests’ appetite.  The magic happens right under people’s noses.  We’ll get your guests laughing, having fun, and all set for the show.


July 4th Entertainment, Memorial Day Entertainment, Labor Day Entertainment,…

What sort of events are good for our I Love America Show? Fourth of July festivals and events around that time of year are the most popular time for our I Love America show. Memorial Day festivals and Labor Day Events are also good fits for this program. Any patriotic event where you want to celebrate America or teach in an entertaining way about our nation’s history is a great situation for our I Love America Show St. Louis.

I Love America Show St. Louis - audience


I Love America Show St. Louis, MO and IL

Where do we perform our I Love America Show St. Louis?  As Abra-Kid-Abra is based in St. Louis, MO, most of our I Love America Shows are presented in Missouri and Illinois.  Iowa and Arkansas, and Kentucky and Tennessee we travel to as well.  Indiana and Kansas are also occasional venues for this program.  If you are in a different state, please contact us and we’ll see if we can work out a visit.