Activity Stations

Activity Stations – Interactive, Hands on

Activity stations are a fun way for your guests to experience a variety of activities in a fun, interactive way.  Company picnics, camps, school field days, parish picnics, scouting events, and festivals all are great venues for activity stations.

We set up a number of different stations.  Guests wander from station to station.  Sometimes this is done freeform.  Other times, there is a schedule where groups rotate from 1 activity to the other.  We can staff all of the stations.  Or with a number of the stations we can set them up and train your staff to run them.  Here is a sampling of activity stations we can provide:


Magic Workshop

Activity stations: learn magic
Learn Magic

Kids learn magic tricks they can perform for their family and friends!  They receive magical props, which make great take-home souvenirs.


Circus Play Area

Activity Stations: Circus
Circus School: Teaching kids to spin plates.

We provide several different props used in circus shows.  The kids try their hand at several different circus acts–feather balancing, ring juggling, plate spinning, flower stick manipulation, ribbon twirling, …  We teach different tricks they can do with each circus prop.  Kids love this hands-on, highly interactive activity.


Balloon Twisting

Balloon Animal Activity Station
Balloon Art Workshop

We teach the kids to twist balloon animals, which they take home as souvenirs.  Kids love learning to do balloon art.  Their balloon creations make great take-home items, of which they are very proud.


Wordles Game Show

In this fun, Jeopardy-style game show, players in teams try to solve a variety of word puzzles.  E.g. Can you figure out what the below sample wordles are saying?  (Answers at bottom of this page.)

Wordle Activity Station
Wordle Game Show–Can you guess what this is saying?
Wordle Game Show--cycle puzzle
Wordle Game Show–Can you guess what this is saying?
Wordle Game Show--What do you think this is saying?
Wordle Game Show–Can you guess what this is saying?


Team Building Activities

Team Building Activity Station
Team Building with Land Skiis

Participants must work together to solve a variety of challenges.  We can provide 1 station with team building activities.  Or we can provide a complete team building event where participants, in teams, rotate through a variety of challenges that they must solve as a team.


Out of the Box Thinking Puzzles

Out-of-the-box Thinking Puzzles Activity Station
Out-of-the-box Thinking Puzzles. Can you unlink the ropes without cutting or sliding them off?

Participants try to figure out a number of seemingly impossible challenges.  They can be done, but require out-of-the-box thinking.  They come away with “betchas” they can have fun showing to others.


Puppet Making

Puppet Making Workshop
Puppet Making – A child proudly shows her new sock puppet.

Kids make and take home puppets.  They also learn a quick routine they can perform with their puppet.


Gag Station

Whoopie Cushion
Whoppie Cushion Gag

Participants learn a number of different gags they can pull on their friends.  This is fun at a picnic where kids learn a gag, go pull it on their parents.  Then come back to learn another.  Adds fun and comedy to an event!


Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos
Temporary Tattoos

Kids put on a variety of different temporary tattoos.  When they are done displaying their tattoos, they wash off easily with soap and water.


Entertainment Stations

You might also consider:  caricaturist, face painting, or an air brush artist.  Some of the above can also be done as station entertainment rather than hands-on activities–e.g. balloon twisting, magic, circus, & puppets.


Activity Stations St. Louis, MO, IL

We provide our interactive activity stations in and within several hours of the St. Louis area.  In Missouri you’ll often find our activity stations in Creve Coeur and Clayton and St. Louis City and County.  In Illinois we often work in Edwardsville and Belleville and O’Fallon, to name a few.  We also serve neighboring states such as TN and KY.  We sometimes bring our activity stations to AR and IN.  And also IA and OK.


Book Activity Stations For Your Event!

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Answers to wordles above:  1) leftover pizza.  2) tricycle  3) last but not least.