Glitter Tattoo Artist St. Louis

Glitter Tattoos

Looking for a glitter tattoo artist St. Louis?  Glitter tattoos are the newest sensation! Kids love them. The glitter makes them really fun and sought after. Our glitter tattoo artist offers kids a wide choice of glitter tattoos to choose from. Then, quicker than you can say “glitter tattoo artist St. Louis”, the tattoo is on, and the child walks away with a big smile, showing off their new glitter tattoo!


Shimmer Tattoos, Sparkle tattoo, Glimmer Tattoos, …

It’s funny to see the different terms people use to refer to these.  Which term do you like best?

Glitter Tattoo

Glitter Tattos (a new type of potatoe?), Gliter Tattoos, and Gliter Tattoo all are names we’ve heard people call glitter tattoos.

glitter tattoo-superman

Shimmer Tattoos

Others call them shimmer tattoos.  We also hear shimmer glitter tattoos, or glitter shimmer tattoos.  As you can see in the photo, they certainly do shimmer!

Sparkle Tattoo

Do you want sparklz tattoos, sparkly tattoos, or sparkle tattoos?  However you say it, one thing is clear:  Adding a glitter tattoo artist St. Louis to your event will make your event sparkle!

glitter tattoo star

Glimmer Tattoos

Do you prefer glimmer glitter tattoos or shimmer glimmer tattoos?

Temporary Tattoos for Kids

“Do your provide temporary face tattoos?”, someone recently asked us.  Others call them fun tattoos.

Are glitter tattoos permanent or temporary? Although some kids might wish they were permanent, they are temporary tattoos. With soap and water, our temporary tattoos come off easily when your child (or you) is ready.

How many kids can we serve? It generally takes 2-3 minutes to put on a temporary tattoo. So 20-30 per hour would be a rough average for our glitter tattoo artist St. Louis.

glitter tattoo bat

Glitter Tattoo Artist or Face Painter?

Should you use a glitter tattoos artist or a face painter at your event?  Both have their advantages.  A face painter is artistic.  It is fun to watch the great designs a face painter can create right in front of you.  On the other hand, if you want something new and your group hasn’t seen glitter tattoos, they would add something new and sparkly to your event!

glitter tattoos

Glitter Tattoo Artist St. Louis, MO, IL

Where do we provide our glitter tattoos?  As we are headquartered in St. Louis, MO, our glitter tattoo artist St. Louis primarily serves Missouri and Illinois. If you are in another state—e.g. Indiana or Kentucky or Arkansas or wherever—give us a ring. If you’ll reimburse our travel, our glitter tattoo artist has tattoos and is willing to travel!  Company picnics, fairs and festivals, school field days, and holiday celebrations are all great occasions for glitter tattoos.

glitter tattoo artist St. Louis

Hire a Glitter Tattoo Artist St. Louis

Ready to hire a glitter tattoo artist?  Call or email us for more information or to check a date!