Cub Scout Blue and Gold Entertainment St. Louis

Blue and Gold Entertainment St. Louis

Looking for Cub Scout Blue and Gold Entertainment St. Louis? Finding good Blue and Gold Entertainment can be a challenge.
Blue and Gold entertainment St. Louis






  • Kids have short attention spans these days. Will your program engage them?
  • Where do you find something that appeals to not only scouts, but their parents and siblings as well?
  • How do you insure that your entertainment will show up (we’ve all heard horror stories), will be arrive early so you don’t worry, and will send a written confirmation and touch base a few days prior to make sure all the details are in order?

At Abra-Kid-Abra, we have been creating laughter and fun for cub scouts and their families since the 1970s. (Just a few more years and we should have it down!) Here are a few Blue and Gold Entertainment St. Louis ideas to help make your banquet a big success.


Cub Scout Magic Show

Our comedy magic show will have the cub scouts and the adults laughing heartily and having great fun during your Blue and Gold Banquet or pack meeting. We bring a 6′ high banner stand with a large rabbit in the hat, creating a professional look and some visual excitement leading up to the magic performance.

Blue and Gold Entertainment St. Louis - magic






Cub Scout Themed Magic Show

We like to weave in a cub scout theme into the show. In perhaps our signature trick, we are alarmed to notice in the middle of the show that one of the scout’s neckerchief has a spot!  Oh dear, we can’t have that, can we? By sheer coincidence, we happen to have with us our neckerchief washing machine!  We put the neckerchief in–but when it comes out, the stripes are all messed up. Each time we try it gets messed up worse! At one point it turns pink–almost matching the color of the cub scout’s cheeks when the pink neckerchief is on him! Finally the neckerchief is restored, and the cub scout goes back to his seat with a spot-free neckerchief and a round of applause.

Blue and Gold Entertainment St. Louis - comedy neckerchief routine









Cub Scout Magic Workshop

At the end of the magic show, the cub scouts learn magic that they can perform for friends and family when they get home. We give them a take-home trick as a souvenir of the performance.

We also offer a magic workshop after the show where scouts learn and take home several magic tricks they can perform. They love amazing their family and friends, and feel proud that they can perform magic! The show itself is about 30 minutes. The show and workshop together are about 1 hour.

We also do magic workshops for den meetings, scout camps, and badge workshops. See below for more info.

With a wave of his wand, a scout makes his fish move by magic!









Magic You Can Do

Each month we publish tricks you can do in our blog. Check it out. Sign up for our free newsletter in the sidebar, and never miss a trick!

Cub Scout Circus Show

Our interactive circus show is also popular for blue and gold banquets, pack meetings, and scout camps. In this highly participatory, comical show, scouts assist in putting on the circus performance. They are the stars as they help us perform a variety of different circus acts—spinning plates, walking on stilts, balancing peacock feathers, … In between acts our ring master entertains with a few tricks of his own.

circus show/workshop

Circus Workshop

After the show, if you like, we can put on a circus workshop to teach the scouts circus tricks that they can perform. As with the magic program, the circus show is 30 minutes, and the circus show and workshop is 1 hour.

make-a-movie circus routine

Cub Scout Game Show

Looking for something fun and different? Try our wordles game show! In teams, scouts try to solve a variety of word puzzles in a Jeopardy-like format. Our comical emcee keeps the crowd entertained. Some physical challenges can also be mixed in, which adds to the fun. Beware, solving these word puzzles can be addicting—for kids as well as adults!

game show/workshop

Cub Scout Activities St. Louis

In addition to Blue and Gold entertainment St. Louis, we also provide programs for scouts:

  • Scout camp entertainment
  • STEM shows and workshops
  • Field Trips and Badge workshops to our location
  • Ice Cream Social/Evening of Magic Fund Raisers

For more information, see our cub scout activities page.

Abra-Kid-Abra Magical Entrance

Blue and Gold Entertainment St. Louis, MO, IL

Where do we provide our programs? Being based in St. Louis, we provide our Blue and Gold Entertainment St. Louis in and around the greater St. Louis area. This includes both Missouri and Illinois. We are glad to drive a few hours.

Math Magician Show/workshop

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