Summer Reading Program

Introducing Abra-Kid-Abra’s Brand New 2019 summer reading program:

Luna-Tricks Landing

Its been 50 years since man first landed on the moon.  What a magical time, what a magical place, what a better way to celebrate this history than with a bit of magic.  Combining history and mystery, magic and mayhem, and the occasional gravity defying levitation, Abra-Kid-Abra brings you Luna-Tricks Landing.

Why Abra-Kid-Abra for your summer reading program?

summer reading program IL

We have you covered before, during, and after the summer reading show!

 Before your summer reading program:

birthday party magic show St. Louis
  • We can provide posters and a press release to help you promote
  • You receive a written confirmation with all the details
  • You get a touch base phone call from the performer a few days prior
  • We arrive early, putting your mind at ease, and giving us plenty of time

During your summer reading program:

  • Visual excitement when people enter the room with our backdrop, banner stand, and equipment setup!
  • Lots of laughter and fun!  Our highly interactive show involves your audience in the show.  No passive watchers in our performance!
  • Wide appeal.  With our combination of magic, audience interaction, comedy, puppetry, and music, there is something in the show for everyone!

After your summer reading program:

summer reading program books
  • Books and summer reading program forms will fly off your shelves!
  • Kids will know about and access more resources in your library!
  • You will look like a star for having brought us in!

Summer reading program in MO, IL and more

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Since we are based in St. Louis, we present a lot of summer reading programs in MO, IL and IN. However, maybe your library is in TN or KY or AR. Or perhaps you are in IA or KS? We love doing shows in your areas as well. Our wives love an excuse to get us out of the house!

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