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Wildwood camp registration for 2012 July 30-Aug 3


Dis Ink: Ins Policy, Dis Ink, Rattlesnake Eggs, Color Vision Cube

Arithmatricks: 14 diamonds, prizes, change for $1, Lost at Sea


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Abra-Kid-Abra  803 Lafayette Ave  Webster Groves, MO  63118  314-961-6912  888-963-2272 (ABRA)

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Goodie Bags: goodnite george, clip card, giant bill, blow pipe, finger trap. *

Silver Pkg Bday Child Prizes: hat, wand pkg, giant bill, blow pipe, ch yo yo.

Princess (p) Goodie Bag: P bag, p slide puzzle, p color bk, star wand, p tattoo, magic clover, giant bill.

 Other Magicians

Chuck Levy

Steve Corbitt

* if older kids, sub mighty mentalist for goodnite george.

Springboard Class Additional Puzzlers: