Birthday Party FAQs

Choosing what sort of birthday party to have can be daunting.  Here are some frequently asked questions to help you make a great choice for your child:

FAQs re Birthday Parties


Some of the info below pertains to parties at Abra-Kid-Abra. Some pertain to parties at your location. Much of it applies to either.

Do I want Abra-Kid-Abra or some other type of party?

Abra-Kid-Abra Magical Entrance

Abra-Kid-Abra parties offer the following.  How do your other options stack up?

  1. Fun physical activity.  Provides an outlet for releasing kids’ energy.
  2. A shared group experience.  The children aren’t off running around, each doing their own thing.  The magic show gives the kids a common bond & fun memories together.
  3. Makes your child feel special.  For example:
    • He is the star of the show, and the main helper throughout the magic show.
    • He is the main helper in the magic workshop, helping demo the tricks the kids learn.
    • Only he gets to go into the money machine, cheered on by his friends!
    • He gets a special birthday prize to take home that no one else gets.
  4. Lots of laughter–in the comedy magic show, especially.
  5. Saves you time.  We provide goodie bags, invitations, decorations, & partyware.
  6. Great memories made easy.  We provide a guide of what points in the party make the best photos so you capture great memories to enjoy the event for a long time to come.
  7. A special experience you can’t take your child to any Saturday.  Unlike public attractions, you can only get our experience at a special event.  Having your party at Abra-Kid-Abra provides a unique experience your guests cannot get otherwise.
  8. Everyone loves magic and inflatables!  Some activities may be popular with girls but bore boys.  Or engage younger kids but not the older.  Magic & inflatables are popular with all genders and ages, so your party is sure to be a hit with everyone.



I’m concerned about price.

math magic money
  1.  Our party saves you $100 that you’d probably spend otherwise:
    • Goodie Bags $50
    • Magic Set for Your Child $25
    • Decorations, invitations, and, at our location, plates, cups, napkins, plasticware, & table cloths  $25-50.
      If you’d spend $100 or so anyway on your gifts/decorations budget, then the party at Abra-Kid-Abra is really  costing you an additional $195.  $195 for inflatables, a comedy magic show, a magic workshop, animal balloons, setup, cleanup, & a money machine is a great value!
  2. Have a joint birthday with another child in the class whose birthday is near your child’s.  If you’re inviting the class, you’d both be inviting mostly the same kids anyway, so this will cut your outlay in half, while still letting your child be the star.
  3. Have us come to you–home, park, church, community center,…  Our party packages at your location start at $200, so you’d save approximately $100.00.
  4. Come to our location for 1 hour for inflatables and magic.  Feed the kids at Deer Creek Park nearby (which also has a great playground), or at your location.  $200.  This is normally our price for just the magic show, so you get the inflatables and visit to our magical place for free!
  5. If you will have a maximum of 10 kids, and you are willing, potentially, to have your party along with another group, $225. We typically do this at 4pm on Sundays.  Ask about this option.
  6. Barter?  If you have something you can barter, we’ve done that on occasion.  Ask about this possibility.


I’d like to go with magic.  Should we use Abra-Kid-Abra or someone else?

Comedy Magic

Here is what we offer at Abra-Kid-Abra.  Which of these, and to what extent, are these offered elsewhere?
Our show has does 3 main things:

  1. Make the birthday child feel special!
    • She is the main helper and star of the show (if she wants). She makes the magic happen!
    • She helps us teach tricks to her friends during the magic workshop.
    • She gets a special birthday prize.
    • You receive a photo guide pointing out some great moments in the party to capture photos, helping you enjoy these memories for a long time to come.
  2. Gets the kids laughing, interacting, and having a lot of fun!
    We make your guests feel like stars by teaching and giving them magic to take home so they can amaze their family and friends.
  3. Make things easy and stress-free for you.
    • We save you time by providing downloadable invitations, an RSVP list, and, if you’d like, goodie bags, hats, wands, and animal balloons.
    • We lessen your stress by: sending you a written confirmation outlining the details; calling you a few days prior to touch base; arriving early so you don’t worry.
  1. Our parties are great!
    Please check out our reviews.  Our goal is to make this the best party you’ve ever had!
  2. Our programs are tailored to your group.
    Our show for 3-4 year olds is quite different than our show for 5-7 year olds, or for 8-10 year olds.  Since we specialize in performing for kids and families, we have learned how to adapt our programs to different ages.
  3. We visually excite your guests!
    We create a visually exciting stage set with our rabbit in the hat 7’ high banner stand.  If you wish, we can also bring our backdrop, creating a theater in your home look!
  4. Levitation, your child magically appearing, and more!
    If you want to do things up in a big way, we can bring 3 bigger illusions starring your child for a bigger production show.



We’ve been to your place and might like to do something different.

First of the Year Puzzler
  1. At your request, we can do all new tricks, all new goodie bag/magic workshop items, and even a different performer if you prefer.
  2. We can also do a different type of party entirely.  In addition to magic parties we offer:  circus parties, princess parties, & make-a-movie parties.
  3. We can vary the venue—your location or ours.
  4. Kids like some familiarity—it makes them comfortable.  New elements (new tricks, new goodie bag items) combined with some familiar things (e.g. venue, inflatables) is an optimal experience for kids.

Ready to Schedule?  Before Open Dates Disappear…

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Please complete our online booking form.  Or, if you prefer, call us at 314-961-6912 and we can take your info by phone.

Your child and friends are in for a treat.  We can’t wait!