Circus Birthday Packages – Info You Requested

Thanks for your interest in a circus party with Abra-Kid-Abra! We offer circus parties at our location or yours. First we’ll describe packages at our location, then at yours.

Circus Birthday Party at Abra-Kid-Abra

Our circus birthday has 4 parts:

1. Inflatables

Circus Birthday Party Bounce House-Abra-Kid-Abra

Your child guests enjoy playing on our inflatables for 30 minutes. Our bounce house has 2 rooms. Each room has a basketball hoop, so in addition to bouncing, they can play nerf basketball!

Circus Birthday Party-obstacle course at Abra-Kid-Abra

Our obstacle course has 2 lanes and 5 obstacles, culminating in a slide.

After 30 minutes, the kids are usually a bit tired. We round them up so that, if you like, you can take a group photo in front of the obstacle course.

2. Comedy Circus Show

Circus students spin plates

The kids come into our show room and enjoy an interactive circus show! The kids help out in many of the circus acts—feather balancing, plate spinning, stilt walking, etc. The circus show gets the kids laughing and participating, with the birthday child as the main helper.

Following the show, we do a workshop where the kids learn tricks they can do, so that they can be the stars!

3. Cake Room

party room at Abra-Kid-Abra

The kids come into our decorated party room and enjoy some food. You may provide whatever food and drink you’d like. We supply paper plates, napkins, cups, plasticware, and table cloths.

Circus Birthday Party Animal Balloons

While the kids are enjoying their food we make each of them an animal balloon.

4.  Prizes

goodie bags

We take the kids into our prizes room.  We to through the items in the goodie bag, showing them how to use them.  The goodie bags save you from having to run around putting these together.


For the grand circus finale, the birthday child enters our whirlwind of fortune booth. He or she has 30 seconds to grab as many swirling play bills as possible, while being cheered on by the guests. The number they grab determines which special birthday prize they get!

Downloadable circus invitations are also included. You enter the particulars and print, saving you from having to write the details on each individual invitation.

Optional Extras:

Table Cloth Pull Finale

Circus Birthday Party-Table cloth trick

Your child will attempt the impossible—pulling the table cloth out from under the dishes! Will this be successful? (Yes!)

Hats and Balancing Feathers

Circus Birthday Party-possible souvenirsBalancing a feather

Your guests each take home, in addition to the goodie bags, a ring master (black plastic) top hat and a peacock feather that we show them how to balance in a variety of ways.


$295 covers the circus party—up to 15 child guests. The birthday child and the adults are free. Additional child guests are $5 apiece.

$25 for the Table Cloth Pull Finale. $50 if you’d like the hats & peacock feathers for your guests.

Circus Party at Your Location

We offer 3 packages.

Platinum Circus Package (1 hour of fun)

Kids Party Magician

• Participatory Circus Show. All the kids participate, with the birthday child as the big star. Approximately 30 minutes.
• Circus Workshop. The learn tricks they can do, enabling them to become the stars!
• Animal Balloons. We make animal balloons for each child.
• Goodie Bags for each of your guests.
• Downloadable Circus Invitations. You type in the particulars, then print them out. No having to hand write the particulars on each invitation.
• Special prize for birthday child
• Theatrical Backdrop. Creates a theater-in-your-home look. Visually excites your guests when they enter the room!
• Table Cloth Pull Grand Finale! The birthday child whisks the table cloth out from under the dishes—without the dishes falling onto the floor!
• Ring Master (black plastic) hats and balancing peacock feathers for each of your guests.
• Fee: $350

Gold Circus Package (1 hour of fun)

Children enjoying an Abra-Kid-Abra show

• Same as Platinum package above but without the theatrical backdrop, ring master hats & peacock feathers, and table cloth pull trick.
• Fee: $275

Silver Circus Package (30 minutes)

Author visit intrigues students

• Interactive Circus Show Only
• Downloadable invitations
• Special prizes for birthday child
• A circus take-home item for each guest
• Fee: $200

Book your birthday party online now! We will confirm the date and send you a confirmation, generally within 1 business day. Or call 314-961-6912 or email us to talk further.