Make-A-Movie Party Packages

Thanks for your interest in Abra-Kid-Abra’s Make-A-Movie party!  We offer Make-A-Movie parties at our location our yours.  First we’ll describe packages and pricing at our location, then at yours.

Make A Movie Birthday Party at Abra-Kid-Abra

Our Make A Movie birthday lasts approximately 1 hour 45 mins, and has 5 parts:

1. Inflatables

Circus Birthday Party Bounce House-Abra-Kid-Abra

Your child guests enjoy playing on our inflatables for 30 minutes. A great way to get out some energy!  Our bounce house has 2 rooms. Each room has a basketball hoop, so in addition to bouncing, they can play nerf basketball!

Circus Birthday Party-obstacle course at Abra-Kid-Abra

Our obstacle course has 2 lanes and 5 obstacles, culminating in a slide.

After 30 minutes, the kids are usually a bit tired. We round them up so that, if you like, you can take a group photo in front of the obstacle course.

2. Teach Kids Acts They Perform in a Show!

Circus students spin plates

We teach the kids group acts of magic, circus, and comedy.  The birthday child is the main star, but all of the kids participate and co-star in the show.  We provide a theatrical backdrop, and all necessary props.  Kids love putting on a show and being the stars!  Approximately 30 mins.

3. Cake Room

party room at Abra-Kid-Abra

The kids come into our decorated party room and enjoy some food (for approximately 25 mins). You may provide whatever food and drink you’d like. We supply paper plates, napkins, cups, plasticware, and table cloths.


4.  Prizes

wand packages

We take the kids into our prizes room.  Each child gets their own magic wand to take home, packaged with our illustrated instructions teaching 6 tricks they can do with it.  We find that this makes a great and popular take-home item.


For the prizes finale, the birthday child enters our whirlwind of fortune booth. He or she has 30 seconds to grab as many swirling play bills as possible, while being cheered on by the guests. The number they grab determines which special birthday prize they get!  Generally they get our Giant Wand Magic Kit–one of our most popular store items, which sells for $25.  (The prizes room takes approximately 5 minutes.)

birthday party place magic set


5.  Kids Put on a Show, You Enjoy the Video Afterwards


For the grand finale of your party, the parents arrive 15 minutes early, and the kids put on a show for them in which they star!  A sampling of routines the kids perform often includes:

  • Magically producing the birthday child from an empty box!
  • Feather balancing.
  • Pulling streamers from empty top hats (pictured above).
  • A comedy routine.
  • Sawing the birthday child in half with ropes!

We videotape the show and upload it to a private link, which we send you to enjoy, and share with whoever you’d like.


Downloadable make-a-movie invitations are also included.

You enter the particulars and print, saving you from having to write the details on each individual invitation.


Optional Extras:

Goodie Bags

birthday party place- goodie bags

Our goodie bags contain 6 different tricks and novelties for the kids to enjoy.

 Top Hats

Circus Birthday Party-possible souvenirs

The kids not only get to wear these in the show, but they take them home as a souvenir.  Hats are made up black plastic.


$295 covers the make-a-movie party—up to 15 child guests. The birthday child and the adults are free. Additional child guests are $5 apiece.

Optional Extras:  $25 for the top hats and $25 for the goodie bags.


Make A Movie Party at Your Location

make-a-movie circus routine

We can bring our Make A Movie Studio to your location!  Our program is 1 hour (generally the last hour of the party):  45 minutes to teach the acts to the kids, and 15 minutes for them to perform it for the parents.  It’s basically the same party as at our location, except we don’t bring the inflatables, the money machine, or the food utensils.  All of the kids, and especially your child, will feel like stars!

You get:  

  • Teaching the kids the magic, circus, and comedy show acts.  Your child is the main star, and all the kids co-star.  We set up our backdrop to create a theater-in-your-home look.
  • The kids put on a show for the parents.  We video it, upload it to a private location, and send you the link to enjoy the show & share with whoever you’d like.
  • Magic wand with illustrated 6-trick instructions for each child.
  • Giant wand magic set for birthday child.
  • Downloadable invitations.

Optional Extras: 

  • Goodie Bags
  • Top Hats
  • We perform magic for the kids and teach them a trick or two they can perform at the end (approximately 30 mins)


$275 covers up to 20 kids.  $3/child over 20.  If outside greater St. Louis area, travel reimbursement may apply.

Optional extras:  $25 for the goodie bags, $25 for the top hats, $50 for the magic show/workshop addition.


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