Birthday Party Vault

You have unlocked our birthday party vault!  Here you’ll find resources to help you put on a great birthday for your child–invitations, RSVP form, pizza delivery places, and a photo guide to help you capture great moments at the party.

Click to download.  Then you can print.  If questions, call us at 314-961-6912 or email us.

Birthday Resources for Parties at Abra-Kid-Abra


Additional Invitations

If you are doing a princess, circus, or make-a-movie party instead of a magic party, choose one of these:

Princess Party

invitation-princess-abraCLICK TO DOWNLOAD

Circus Party

circus birthday party St. Louis invitationsCLICK TO DOWNLOAD

Make-A Movie Party

invitation-make-a-movie-partyCLICK TO DOWNLOAD

Instructions for Downloadable Invitations

What to Photograph

birthday party photography tips


Birthday Planning Guide

Birthday Party Planning Guide