Interactive Circus Show St. Louis

Interactive Circus Show

If you are looking for a fun, hands-on show for kids, our interactive circus show St. Louis is a great choice!

Interactive Circus show St. Louis

Kids participate in a variety of different circus acts: spinning plates, ring tricks, stilt walking, feather balancing, and more. The ring master mixes the kids participatory circus acts with other fun circus entertainment. This varies by show but might include a comical flea circus, juggling tricks, circus clown gags, and more.

interactive circus show St. Louis - kids star

The kids star and the audience is entertained with our interactive circus show St. Louis!


Circus Workshop

ring juggling

Our circus workshop makes a great follow-on to the circus show. After being entertained with the circus show, the circus workshop teaches kids how to do tricks with various pieces of circus equipment. In contrast to the show where a few kids participate, in the workshop everyone gets a chance to try their hand with various pieces of circus equipment. This might include, for instance, scarf juggling, feather balancing, flower stick manipulation, shaker cup tricks, ribbon twirling, and more.  The interactive circus show St. Louis and a circus workshop are a great 1-2 punch!


Circus Play Area

ribbon twirling

If you have a big event such as a fair, festival, or open house, we can set up a circus play area for your guests to enjoy. The circus play area is similar to our circus workshop in that guests get to try their hand on a variety of pieces of circus equipment, learning simple tricks on them. Whereas the circus workshop is generally for 30-60 minutes for 1 group of kids, the circus play area generally lasts several hours, and is designed to serve a larger crowd of people who are coming and going. Often we intersperse a circus show or two along with the circus play area, making for a nice tandem of circus show and circus hands-on play.


Interactive Circus Show St. Louis, MO, IL

interactive circus show st. louis - feather balancing

Primarily we perform our interactive circus show in and around St. Louis, in MO and IL and IN. We sometimes bring it to neighboring states such as KY or TN, AR or IA. Let us know where you’d like your interactive circus show St. Louis, and we’ll do our best to bring it to you.


Hire a Circus Show

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For more info, or to hire an interactive circus show St. Louis, please call or email us. We look forward to helping add fun to your event!