Magic Day

Magic Day is a great program to add a fun, 3-part day of magic to your summer camp or school Your kids will laugh, star, and take home tricks to show their families!


Magic Day Program


Magic Day Program

Our fun-filled magic day has 3 parts:


Comedy Magic Show

It kicks off with a comedy magic show. Your kids are not only amazed, but they laugh a lot, interact, and have a lot of fun! Our theatrical backdrop brings a visually exciting, theatrical look right to your camp!


Magic Workshops

magic workshop

After the show, we teach each group of (usually 5-15) kids a different act in the show. A nice feature is that your kids can go about their normal camp activities. We pull each group aside for, typically 15-20 minutes to learn and rehearse their group magic act.


Kids Star Show

Kids Star show

We emcee a show where each of your kids gets to shine! One group after another comes up to perform their act. The acts are all different, so the kids are entertained. The show can be video taped and played back for the kids the next day. Kids love watching themselves on TV! This is a talent show without the kids needing to have a talent. Every child stars!


Our Magic Day is a bookend program incorporating great elements: the kids enjoy a professional comedy magic show; the kids learn tricks themselves; and finally, the kids star in their own show.


Summer Camp Programs, Overnight Camp Programs, School Artist in Residence, and More

magic day program

What types of events is the Magic Day appropriate for? Summer Camp programs where you’d like to have a special magic day are a good fit. Overnight camps are great venues for this program. Schools looking for an artist in residence program are also great matches for this.


The Magic Day program is flexible in length to meet your needs. It can be as short as 2 hours, or as long as a week or more. Typically it is a half or a full day.


Magic Day St. Louis, MO or IL or Midwest

magic day

Where do we provide our magical day program? We can take this unique program anywhere you are willing to bring it to. Missouri and Illinois are our closest states, as we are headquartered in St. Louis, MO. Indiana and Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas are also states to which we often travel. Iowa and Kansas. Even if you are not in one of these states, please contact us and let’s see if we can bring our program to you.


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