Circus Day Program

Our Circus Day Program brings the fun of circus to your group in a really fun way.  There are 3 parts:

Comedy Circus Show

circus day program - comedy circus show

Our Circus Day Program begins with us putting on a circus show for your group.  It has a lot of comedy to get your group laughing and having fun.  It is also highly interactive, to get them involved and participating.


Circus Workshops

circus day program - circus workshop

We teach each group a different circus act to perform in the show.  Each act involves the whole group, so everyone gets to participate and star in the show–no prior talent required.  Acts can include plate spinning, feather balancing, ring routines, stilt-walking, clown skits, scarf juggling, ribbon twirling, and more!


Kids Circus Show

circus day program - kids circus show

To close the circus day program, the kids put on a show for each other.  They perform in front of our theatrical backdrop to give their show a professional flair.  Everyone gets to be a star.  If you like, you or we can videotape the show, to play back for the kids at a later date.  Kids LOVE seeing themselves on the screen!  We–your circus artist in residence–emcee the show, support the kids behind the scenes, and provide all necessary props and equipment.


Circus Day Program St. Louis, MO, IL

MO and IL are where we present a lot of our circus day programs, being based in St. Louis, Missouri.  We also enjoy traveling to KY and TN, and to AR and IN and IA.  If you are in a different state, please let us know where you’d like us to present our circus day program, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


Hire a Circus Day Program

To hire a Circus Day Program for your group, or for more information, please call or email us.  We look forward to bringing some circus magic to your kids!