Balloon Magic Show St. Louis

Kids of all ages love balloons. Combine the bright colors and fun of balloons with magic and you have a really fun, unique show! We call it our Balloon Magic Show St. Louis.

balloon magic show St. Louis

In the show, our balloon magician is trying to attain the coveted Master Balloonist Airhead Certificate. To do so, he needs the audience’s help in performing a number of amazing balloon feats. For example…

  • Create a balloon animal who can perform a magic trick!
  • Help Smiley the Clown get his head back using a magical balloon.
  • Put 2 nails right through a balloon without it popping!
  • Turn a bubble into a solid clear ball!
  • Do a trick with a whoopee cushion (a sort of balloon)!
  • And many more magical balloon tricks!

This is just some of the fun kids experience in our Balloon Magic Show St. Louis!


Balloon Twisting Workshop

balloon twisting workshop - balloon magic show St. Louis

Following the balloon show, if you like, we can teach the kids how to twist some simple balloon shapes themselves that take can take home to show off! Kids love twisting balloons and are proud to show their families their balloon creations, and the fun they had today creating them.


Balloon Magic Show St. Louis Events

Camp In House Field Trips, Early Release Day Programs, Child Care Center Entertainment, and more!

balloon show

What sort of events are best for the balloon magic show?   It is a great program for a camp in house field trip. The kids love taking home their balloon creations to show their families, and they enjoy the show. For school early release day programs, the balloon magic show/workshop is a great way to provide some new entertainment and to teach the kids a new skill. The balloon magic show is also popular at child care centers, as young children love the colorful balloons and, of course, the comedy magic.


Balloon Magic Show St. Louis, MO and IL

A frenzy of balloons!

Where do we offer our balloon magic shows? St. Louis, MO is our home base, so many of our balloon magic shows are performed in and around the St. Louis area, in Missouri, and in Illinois. However, we also provide our balloon magic show to Indiana and Arkansas, Iowa and Kansas, and Kentucky and Tennessee. If you are in a different state, please contact us and we’ll be glad to explore serving you.


Additional Resources

We offer a number of related resources.

learn to twist animal balloons

Balloon Artist

Great for parties and special events!

Balloon Camp

Develop your balloon twisting skills at one of our balloonatics summer camps!

Balloon Classes

We teach after school classes in balloon twisting.  Call or email us to see if we offer one at your school, or can get one started!

Magic Shows

We offer a variety of other fun shows in addition to our Balloon Magic Show St. Louis.