Inflatable Party Places – How to Choose the Best?

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It’s birthday party time and your child would like to go to an inflatable party place this year.  You have multiple options.  How do you choose the best one to give your child the best experience you can?

Inflatable Party Places – 5 Things to Look For

inflatable 2 lane obstacle course

Here are 5 factors to consider:

  1. Having the inflatables to yourself. Some inflatable party places have the general public and people from different parties all jumping in the same area at the same time.  While it’s great to have lots of inflatables to choose from at these places, many parents prefer a place where their party gets the inflatables to themselves.  This way, your kids are not jumping with strangers, and your parents who stay can be with other parents from your party, rather than with strangers.
  2. Prevent little ones from getting trounced. Chances are you’ll have some kids who are bigger and some who are smaller.  Ideally, the inflatable party place you choose will make it so your little ones don’t get trounced by the big ones when jumping.  Having a bounce with 2 rooms—1 for bigger kids, 1 for smaller kids—is a good way to create this safety.  Or some inflatable locations have inflatables designed for younger kids, which can keep them safe.
  3. Offer more than just jumping. After 30 minutes of bouncing, many kids have had enough and are ready for a new activity.  If your inflatable party place offers additional activities than just the inflatables, that can keep the kids more engaged.
  4. Provide a special experience. Consider choosing an inflatable party place that does not have public hours—so the only way you can go there is if you are invited to a party or special event.  This way, you provide a special experience to your guests that they can’t otherwise get very easily.
  5. Choose an inflatable party location that is fairly close, or near a shopping area. Some parents like to drop off their child, so if the location is nearby, or near an area they can shop or run errands during the party, parents appreciate this.
inflatable party place magic show

Inflatable Party Place St. Louis | Abra-Kid-Abra

At Abra-Kid-Abra, we put our inflatable party place together with the above elements in mind.

Kids rotate through 4 different experiences—inflatables, magic show, cake room, and prizes.  In each experience, you have the room all to yourself.  After 30 minutes of play on our inflatables, the kids are tired out and sit well for the show!  The comedy magic show makes the birthday child feel like a star.  It also gets the kids laughing and having a fun shared experience together.  We make the kids an animal balloon to take home as they are finishing up their cake.  Then we give each child goodie bag with tricks and novelties, and we conduct a magic workshop, teaching them how to perform their tricks!

We are centrally located at 803 Lafayette Ave in Webster Groves, off Brentwood Blvd.  We are 5 minutes from The Galleria Shopping Mall at highway 40 and Brentwood, and 5 minutes from the shops of downtown Webster Groves.

Our bounce house has 2 rooms, and our inflatable obstacle course has 2 lanes, to keep the little ones safe. We do not have public hours, so the only way to get our magic and inflatable experience is to come to our place for a birthday party or special event.

audience enjoying inflatable party place magic

More info on our inflatable party place St. Louis

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