Should you serve cake before or after the entertainment at a child’s birthday party?

birthday cake

Should you serve cake before or after the entertainment at your child’s birthday party? I don’t know that a lot of sleep has been lost pondering this question, but a lot of parents do ask what we think on this issue. There are advantages to both ways. If you serve before the entertainment, if some are a little late they don’t miss the entertainment. Entertainment often follows eating, so doing it that ways seems logical. If you wish, you can clean up during the entertainment so you don’t have to do so after the party is over.

On the other hand, it is better to sugar the kids up after the show, otherwise the sugar can make them rather hyper and cause them not to sit very well during the entertainment. You can finish getting things ready during the entertainment, if you’d like, so you are all ready with the food when the show is over. If the show is interactive and has audience participation, the kids burn up energy yelling and laughing during the show. So they are more ready to sit down for cake after the show than before. Singing Happy Birthday and serving the cake is the grand finale of the party, so it certainly fits after the entertainment. If the entertainment starts at 1:15, call the party for 1pm so any latecomers have time to arrive before the entertainment begins. Even if someone arrives at 1:20 or 1:25, a few minutes into the show, they’ll still get to enjoy the bulk of the performance.

While there are advantages to both approaches, and both ways work, we find it works better to serve the kids AFTER the entertainment. Better to sugar them up and send them out the door at the end of the party, then to have them hyper and not sitting so well during the show.


Either way, we’re sure your party will be a success. Good luck and happy birthday!


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