5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Show at Your Kids Birthday Party

birthday party magic show St. Louis

These days many parties entail playing a sport, visiting an arcade, playing on inflatables, etc. None of these include a show (e.g. a magic show, circus show, ventriloquist show, etc.) We think a show adds a lot to a party. Here are 5 benefits of including a show in your kids party:

    1. A show makes your child feel special. When your child waves the magic wand and something magical happens, or when she helps the circus performer whisk the table cloth out from under the dishes, she is a hero. She feels like a star! Isn’t that an important element of the party—wanting to give your child a chance to shine and feel special?


    1. A show provides great photo opportunities and memories.  When your child is floating in mid air, or magically appears out of a box, these make for photos that will last you a lifetime, and help remember the great time that Jimmy had at his 6th birthday.


    1. A show is personable. There is comical banter back and forth between the kids and the performer.  The kids get to know the performer.  They interact, and enjoy give and take. A good performer forms a connection with his audience. This makes for a nice complement to sporting and equipment-based activities.


    1. A show provides a special experience that your group shares.  If the kids are off on their own interacting with museum exhibits, arcade games, or whatever, they’ll have a lot of fun. But a show adds an important element of a group experience. It lets the kids all have fun together, helps create a bond among the group, and gives them something in common to talk about at school for weeks to come.


  1. A show is something special that you can’t go to on your own one Saturday. Do you want your birthday to be something special that kids don’t get ordinarily?  You can’t go to a magic show very often because they aren’t generally offered regularly to the public.  They are only done for special occasions. Provide something special that you can’t get otherwise at your kids birthday party!

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