Comedy Water on the Head

I use this in my show as a comic interlude.  It usually gets a good laugh!  I hope you’ll have fun with it.

Effect:  You “hypnotize” a spectator who sits in a chair holding a cup of water atop her head.  When she looks in the cup, the water has disappeared, without her knowing where it went!  The audience knows and thinks it’s funny!  What do you do?  The Secret:  An assistant sneaks up behind her & drinks the water with a straw!

Learn magic comedy water trick
comedy water trick

Props:  A see-through plastic cup of water, a straw, a string, & a chair.    If you don’t have a see-through cup, you can use two cups–one with water and one empty.

Setup:  Pre-arrange an assistant to drink the water.  Ideally, he’s tall, so he can reach the water.  If not, he can stand on a chair.  Have him hide a straw in his pocket.  Tell him to drink quietly, & quickly.  Perhaps leave a little water in the cup to avoid slurping!

1.    Ask for a “victim—I mean ‘volunteer” from the audience.  Seat them in a chair, facing sideways to the audience.
2.    “We won’t need this cup of water just yet.  There’s not room on the table, so let’s put it on top of your head.  (set it atop her head, holding it securely)   Hold it with both hands so it doesn’t spill.  (Make sure she has it securely with both hands.  If using 2 cups, pour water from 1 into the other so everyone sees there is water in there.)
3.    “I’m still a little concerned.  (To your pre-arranged assistant) Sir, would you mind standing behind her & if anything at all starts to spill, you catch it.”  (Motion to him to start drinking.)
4.    (Swing the string back & forth.)  “Your eyes are getting heavier.  Your nose is getting heavier. Your little finger is getting heavier.  Are you feeling any sleepier?   Have you ever been hypnotized before?  (Fill time til the water is nearly gone.  If the drinking is going slow, say to the drinker–‘Faster’.  Then explain to spectator ‘I’m going to hypnotize you a little faster’)
5.    “When I count to 3 & snap my fingers, you will wake up.  1-2-(if water isn’t drunk yet, 2.5, 2.75…)-3!  Stand up slowly.  (Motion assistant to quietly return to his seat, out of spectator’s view.  If he leaves the straw, remove it so spectator doesn’t see it.)
“Step over this way a few steps.  Now carefully take the water off your head & hand it to me for our next trick.”  (Hopefully she is surprised that it’s gone.  If not, it’s still fun!)  I don’t know what you did with it, but let’s give her a round of applause.”

Afterthought:  If the spectator catches on to what’s happening during the performance, don’t worry.  It’s still funny!


  • April 4, 2010
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