Float into the Room Gag

Float into the Room!

Effect: Your head comes into view in the doorway, as though you are sideways—maybe even flying.(Photo #1)You go up and down the door jamb (photo #2), then jump down, landing in the doorway, and walk into the room.Talk about a dramatic entrance! A fun stunt to do for friends or family, or to make an entrance to begin a show.

learn magic:  Fly into a room
Learn Magic: Fly into the Room!
Learn Magic-Fly into the room gag
Learn Magic-Flying into the room – photo 2









Learn Magic-Fly into a room
Learn Magic–Flying into a Room – photo 3

Secret:  As photo #3 shows, you stand outside the room & grab the edge of the door jamb with both hands.Lean over, standing on your left foot.Your right leg is extended, parallel to the floor.Stick your head in.Say hello.Pull yourself up & down the door jamb a bit with your hands, bending your left knee to get lower.Then jump in—as though you landed on the ground from flying. Brush yourself off & enter the room!

  • November 20, 2013
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