Circus School for Kids St. Louis

Circus School for Kids

Looking for circus school for kids St. Louis?  At Abra-Kid-Abra we teach basic circus skills to elementary age students. It is a great introduction to circus. It develops a variety of skills:

 Circus School for Kids St. Louis

  •    Presentation skills in front of a group
  •    Self confidence
  •    Fine Motor skills
  •    Persistence
  •    Fun Physical Activity

Circus Arts

circus arts

In our circus school for kids St. Louis, we teach primarily in 3 areas:


Circus Skills

circus skills

Kids try their hand at stilt walking, unicycle riding, plate spinning, flower stick manipulation, ribbon twirling, and much more!  They learn tricks using many different pieces of circus equipment, and practice to develop mastery.  It is fun for students’ to watch their progress and see their persistence and hard work pay off.


Clown Skits

clown skits

Kids love learning clown skits and gags, and performing them in groups. In so doing, they hone their drama and presentation skills.


How to Make Balloon Animals

Balloon twisting classes

Kids learn to twist different balloon shapes, and take home their creations.


Circus Training

circus training

We offer a variety of choices in our circus school for kids St. Louis:


Circus Camp St. Louis


In the summer we offer 1 week circus camps throughout the greater St. Louis, MO and IL area at schools and community centers. Circus camp culminates with students putting on and starring in a circus they put on for their families the last day. If your child has attended an Abra-Kid-Abra circus class, she will likely find a number of new elements in circus camp, where we generally have more time to teach additional elements. She’ll also have the opportunity to learn new tricks on equipment she has already worked with as she continues to progress in her skills.

Our camp schedule is generally available between the beginning of February and end of the summer. If you have a group of friends who would like to attend circus camp, let us know and perhaps we can arrange a special circus camp for your group.


Circus After School Classes

scarf juggling boy

We offer circus after school classes at elementary schools throughout the St. Louis area. Call or email us to see if we have a class at your school scheduled. If not, maybe we can start one and get you free tuition in the process! Circus classes are generally 6-8 weeks, 1 day/week for an hour after school. Students put on a circus for their families the last class to demonstrate their new circus skills!


Circus Workshop

circus workshops

A circus workshop is a great introduction to circus skills. We generally come out on 1 day and work with your kids for 30-60 minutes, acquainting them with several different pieces of circus apparatus. If you have a lot of kids, we can work with each group in succession. Sometimes we also present a circus show first, then the workshop following. The show-workshop pairing makes a very nice program.


Circus Artist in Residence

Circus Skills

Our circus artist in residence program typically has 3 parts. First we put on a comedy circus show for your kids. Then we teach them circus skills on a variety of pieces of circus equipment. Finally, the kids put on a circus themselves. Sometimes their performance is video taped and played back at a later date. Kids love to see themselves on TV!

Program length is flexible. It can be for several days, weeks, or even a year.

Circus Day Program

circus day program

Our Circus Day Program is a half day or 1 day version of our Circus Artist in Residence. After presenting our show, we teach each group a different circus act to perform in the show. Then we support the kids in their show. This program works well for overnight camps, or places that want circus as part of their program for a day.


Circus Props for Sale

Twirling Ribbon

In our online store, we offer a variety of circus props for sale, if your child would like to practice circus skills at home.


Circus School for Kids St. Louis, MO, IL

circus school st. louis

As Abra-Kid-Abra is based in St. Louis, our circus school for kids St. Louis operates in and around the St. Louis, MO and IL area. We have taught circus in neighboring states—KY and TN, AR and IA, IN and KS. If you would like us to bring our circus school for kids to you, please let us know.


Learn Circus Skills

circus school for kids St. Louis - learn circus skills

Are you ready to learn circus skills? Call or email us for more info on our Circus School for Kids St. Louis programs. We look forward to bringing the fun of the circus to you!