Circus Workshop St. Louis

Circus Workshop

A circus workshop St. Louis is great hands-on fun for kids. We teach circus tricks they can do with various pieces of circus equipment. These can include: twirling ribbon, flower sticks, scarf juggling, feather balancing, ring tricks, and more! The kids learn new skills and they get some physical activity in a fun, different way.

circus workshop St. Louis

Often our circus workshops are 30-60 minutes. Time is flexible. If you have multiple groups, we can rotate them through the circus workshop.

Circus workshop St. Louis is great for kids who:

  • have lots of energy.  Circus is very hands-on and interactive. It engages kids who are high energy in a constructive way.
  • most any age.  Sometimes it’s hard to engage older kids.  They feel like they are too big for activities.  But circus is very hands-on. It challenges older kids.  Circus tricks are very scalable.  There are simpler ones for younger kids, and more challenging feats for the older ones.
  • like experiential, hands-on, doing activities.  Circus is very tactile and engaging.


Circus Show St. Louis

circus show

Often we perform a circus show to get the kids laughing and having fun. Then we conduct a circus workshop, teaching circus tricks they can perform! Our circus workshop St. Louis can stand alone, or be paired with a show—your choice.


Circus Workshop St. Louis, MO, IL

circus workshop St. Louis, MO

As Abra-Kid-Abra is situated in St. Louis, we present most of our circus workshops in MO and IL and IN. Sometimes we take them to neighboring states such as AR and IA, and TN and KY. Where would you like your circus workshop? Let us know and we’ll do our best to be there.


Hire a Circus Workshop

Hire a Circus Workshop

Ready to hire a circus workshop St. Louis? Call or email us for more info, or to check availability. We look forward to bringing some hands-on, circus fun to your group!