Circus Classes St. Louis

Looking for after school circus classes St. Louis for your elementary school child?

Circus Classes St. Louis

We offer 6-8 week circus classes that meet weekly for 1 hour at elementary schools throughout the St. Louis area. Call or email us to see if we have any circus classes upcoming at your school. If not, let’s get one started!

Circus Class

Circus class St. Louis - ring juggling

Each school year we offer circus classes that teach new skills from the previous year. Here is a description of our 2015-2016 after school circus class:

Circus Arts

circus classes St. Louis - stilts

Spinning and Stacking!

Young ladies and gentleman, boys and girls! The circus is coming to school! Abra-Kid-Abra will be conducting a circus class with fun skills like Chinese yo yo, box manipulation, trick lassoing,… You’ll also learn plate spinning, clowning, stilt walking and much more! The class is very hands on, and supports the President’s Challenge to get more physical activity into kids’ daily routines. You will learn the value of persistence and practice, and see your skills develop each week. Class culminates with students putting on a circus for their families! We’ve added several new elements from last year’s circus class.

Clown Classes St. Louis

clown classes

Clown classes are part of our circus classes.  Students learn funny clown skits that they perform together, animal balloon twisting, and, if time permits, some clown gags as well.

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Circus School

Circus school

In addition to circus classes St. Louis, we offer a number of other ways to learn circus:

Circus Camp St. Louis

circus camp

Circus classes in the summer at a school or community center near you!

Circus Store

Circus Store - Twirling Ribbon

We provide a variety of circus props in our online circus store—spinning plates, diabolo, flower sticks, gymnastic ribbon, juggling balls, and more.

Circus Birthday Party St. Louis

Circus Birthday Party

Enjoy an interactive circus show and a circus workshop at your birthday party! We can come to your location. Or, have it at our circus party place and play on our bounce house and inflatable obstacle course as well!x

Circus Classes St. Louis, MO, IL

circus classes St. Louis, MO

Where do we provide our circus classes St. Louis?  In schools throughout the St. Louis area, in both Missouri and Illinois.  Call or email us to see if we are at, or can get a class started, at your child’s school.  Not in the St. Louis area?  Contact us and let’s see if we can help spread our circus class program to your area.

We hope that our circus classes St. Louis or one of our other circus programs can help bring out the star in your kids!