Magic Shop Online


Welcome to Abra-Kid-Abra’s Magic Shop Online

We offer a variety of kits to enable kids to develop their entertainment skills.  You’ll find a variety of magic sets, circus items, comedy kits, balloons kits, and puppets.  We generally ship out within 2 business days.  Or, if you are in St. Louis, MO you are welcome to stop by (calling first is recommended).  Good luck and thanks again for visiting our magic shop online.

Magic Sets

Amaze friends and family!  Our magic kits include written instructions and, in some cases as noted, DVDs as well.

 Magic Books and Magic Videos (DVDs)

For the student of magic, our magic books and DVDs focus largely on magic you can perform using objects commonly found around the house.  Without having to rely on special props, you’ll be able to perform impromptu magic.  You could be the life of the party!

Joke Sets

Get your friends laughing and having fun with a great selection of gag items!

Balloon Kits

Develop your balloon art skills with our Animal Balloon Kit.  Have fun with the novelty balloons in our Novelty Balloon Kit.

Circus Items

Be careful!  These circus items can be so much fun, that they are addicting!

Magic Puppets

These magical puppet items provide a lot of laughter and fun!