Fun Summer Camps St. Louis

Looking for fun summer camps St. Louis?  You’ve come to the right place!

As one of our campers put it, “This was the funnest camp ever!” We strive to make Abra-Kid-Abra one of the most fun summer camps St. Louis children can have. When you are learning magic, circus, balloon twisting, comedy, how can you help but have fun!

Learn Magic - Newspaper tree

Day Camps St. Louis

Abra-Kid-Abra camps are day camps, not overnight camps. 6-12 years is our typical age range, though some of our camps go up to 14. Most of our camps are 1 week long. Some are full day, typically 9am-3pm. Others are half day—e.g. 9am-noon, 12:30pm-3:30pm, etc. See our schedule for details.

Performing Arts Camps St. Louis

Abra-Kid-Abra camps are performing arts camps. Among the performing arts we teach are magic, circus, comedy, balloon art, and theater. At family gatherings or in social situations, your child will be able to entertain with some tricks and puzzles. He might even become the life of the party!

Do you have a shy child? A child who likes performing? A child who wants to try something new? If any of these are the case, your child is in store for a fun camp! Not only that, but we will help them develop their presentation skills and confidence. Our camps culminate with campers putting on a show for their families the last day. Here is a comment from 1 parent, which we are proud to hear from many:

I enjoyed the evening magic show my child put on for us each night!   –Kirkwood parent

Academic Summer Camps St. Louis

We also offer some academic summer camps St. Louis.  Our math magic camp teaches math skills in a fun way–through learning math-based magic!  To pull off the tricks, campers have to add, subtract, count, use even-odd, or know their geometric shapes.

For campers going into 3rd grade and above, we also offer lightning calculation camps.  Campers learn mental multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction tricks that make them look like math geniuses in the demos they put on for family and friends!  They can also employ these mental math shortcuts when they come across certain types of math situations at school.

Fun Summer Camps St. Louis, MO and IL

We offer summer camps throughout the St. Louis area, in Missouri and Illinois.  Abra-Kid-Abra camps are offered at a school or community center near you.  We conduct our camps at over 30 locations throughout the St. Louis area, in Missouri and Illinois, from Wentzville, MO to O’Fallon, IL, and from Hazelwood to Park Hills.  Try one of our camps and you’ll see why when it comes to fun summer camps St. Louis, Abra-Kid-Abra is a camp to remember!

Camp Schedule 2024  Abra-Kid-Abra