Frequently Asked Camp Questions

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My child has already attended your camps or classes. Will she learn new things?

Yes! Let’s take these program by program.

Magic–We offer 5 different after school classes, and 3 different camp curriculums. All have different material! We go for 3 years before material is repeated.

Circus–Each of our classes and camps introduces new elements. So there is always something new. In addition, there is plenty of room to continue developing your skills on the standards–rings, flower sticks, etc. Each year we try to introduce at least 1-2 new elements from the previous year.

Comedy–The jokes, improv activities, comedy sketches, and comedy magic are new from the previous year’s program.

Balloon Art–If you child attended this recently, wants to attend again, and wants to learn new balloons, let us know and we’ll do our best to work in new ones to teach.

Magic Mystery Camp–Since the kids write the mystery, it is always different!  The magic varies from year to year as well.

Math Magic Camps–We have 3 different younger child math magic camps, and 3 different older child math magic camps.  Each is on a 3 year cycle, and if your child takes them every year and advances from the younger to the older ones, they’ll see different material for 6 consecutive years.


My child is thinking of attending more than 1 of your camps this summer. How different is the material?

The material is at least 90% different.  In some cases 100% different.  We teach balloon animals in many of our camps, and sometimes the ones we teach overlap a little.  Other than that, the camps are pretty much all different.


How long have you been doing these programs?

Abra-Kid-Abra has been providing after school classes and summer camps since January, 2005. We strive to continually hone and improve our programs.


Who are your instructors?

Many of our instructors have professional performing backgrounds as magicians, jugglers, clowns, improv comics, actors, … Others are in the education field and specialize in teaching children. All of our instructors undergo extensive background checks.


What is your student-teacher ratio?

As a rule of thumb, we add a second instructor when we get over 10 kids in a full day camp, 12 kids in a half day camp, and 15 in a one hour class.

Thanks for your interest!