Academic Summer Camps St. Louis

Educational Summer Camps St. Louis

Looking for academic summer camps St. Louis? Something to give your child an educational jump?

academic summer camps St. Louis

At Abra-Kid-Abra we offer edutaining educational summer camps. Camps that teach while being fun. We believe that students work hard during the school year, and we want to continue their learning during the summer. But we also want it to be fun. When learning is fun, kids immerse themselves in it and learn more.


Math Summer Camp St. Louis

Abra-Kid-Abra has written 3 different magical math summer camp curriculums. We rotate them annually, so it is 3 years before we repeat. Our math summer camp St. Louis teaches math-based magic. So amidst the fun of learning magic, campers are honing their math skills! Our tricks involve addition, subtraction, even-odd, counting, geometry, and measurement. To pull off the tricks, students must do some math!

academic summer camps St. Louis - math magic


In addition to math magic, we do math puzzlers, math wordles, math games. We make math magic tricks. We even do a little math humor! Here are a few math puzzlers and math wordles:

magic puzzler-spring gardening problem

How much dirt is in a hole 2′ x 2′ x 2′?   Answer


October puzzler

October is the 10th month.  Tack on another 0 and you get 100.  Challenge:  Can you write “100” without the pen leaving the paper? No marks should be visible connecting the numbers. And the pen must make a mark whenever it moves across the paper. Impossible?  Or can it be done?   Answer


Circus camp St. Louis wordle

Do you know what this wordle is saying?  Answer


For more, check our our blog, and like us on facebook, where we post new puzzlers and wordles on a weekly basis.


Lightning Calculation Camp St. Louis

For students 8 years and up, we have written 3 rapid calculation math summer camp programs. As with the math magic, these rotate annually, so it’s 3 years before they repeat.

Academic summer camps St. Louis - lightning calculation

In our lightning calculation camp, we hone students’ mental math skills in the areas of multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, geometry, and sometimes even a little topology. Students learn rapid calculation tricks that make them look like math geniuses. They can employ these tricks back in the classroom as well as in the last day of camp rapid calculation demo that they put on for their families.


Campers learn to calculate these type of problems faster than you can solve them on a calculator!


Magic Reading Camps

We have also written some camp curriculums that hone reading and comprehension skills as the students learn magic. Many of the tricks involve words, writing, reading, etc. For more info, please contact us.


Academic Summer Camps St. Louis, MO, IL

We offer educational summer camps throughout the St. Louis area, both in Missouri and Illinois.

math magic classes

Abra-Kid-Abra has been providing academic summer camps St. Louis since 2007. Our summer camp schedule is generally available from the end of January through August. If you can get a group together, we are glad to come out to you to deliver our academic summer camps St. Louis. Call or email us for more information.