Magic Mystery Camp St. Louis

What is Magic Mystery Camp St. Louis? It’s a…

Drama Camp St. Louis

magic mystery camp St. Louis

Campers write their own mystery play—or drama. They rehearse it and perform it for their families the last day. The audience has to figure out who did it? This camp was designed by Abra=Kid-Abra’s Howie Hirshfield, a longtime mystery theater actor and writer, who wanted to bring the fun of drama camp to the St. Louis summer camp scene.

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Acting Camp St. Louis

Magical Mystery Theater is definitely an acting camp. Campers create their characters, and learn drama techniques for portraying them. Campers learn acting skills throughout the week as they rehearse their mystery play.

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Theater Camp St. Louis

Magical Mystery Camp St. Louis is a theater camp. Campers learn theatrical techniques and experience the fun of theater. The campers enjoy starring in their theatrical production the last day. If your child enjoys theatrics, wants to try it, or has been to theater camp and wants to try something similar but different, magical mystery camp St. Louis is a great choice!

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Magic Camp for Kids St. Louis

magic mystery camp St. Louis - magic tricks

Magical Mystery Camp St. Louis is part magic camp. Campers learn a variety of magic tricks they can perform for friends and family. The magic is woven in to their mystery performance.

Abra-Kid-Abra offers magic camps. How does this differ? Part of magic is theatrics, drama, stagecraft. Magical Mystery Camp provides an introduction the the drama aspect of magic.

So what is magical mystery camp? It’s a combination drama, theater, acting, and magic camp!


Magical Mystery Camp St. Louis Description

magic mystery camp

What do you get when you combine theater and magic into 1 camp? Introducing…Magical Mystery Camp! Your kids will learn new magic tricks each day, often treating their parents to a nightly show! Campers will weave their tricks into a mystery show, which they will create and perform the last day for their families!   In learning magic, theater, and improv, your kids will develop their presentation skills and confidence—while having a lot of fun in the process!.


Magic Mystery Camp St. Louis, MO, IL

We offer our magical mystery camp throughout the St. Louis metro area—in both Missouri and Illinois. Whether you live in Chesterfield or Bellleville, O’Fallon, MO or O’Fallon, IL, we have a magical mystery camp fairly close by.

Magic Mystery Camp Schedule

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DateLocationTimeCampFeeTo RegisterRegion
7/23-7/26Lewis & Clark Comm College (Godfrey, IL)9am-NoonMystery$109Register Online
or call 314-961-6912
FOOTNOTES:A: Resident/non resident or Member/Non member.B: member/non member. After 3/8: $220/$240.
Book 1: $175. Book 2: $165 ea. Book 3: $155 ea. Book before 6/1 for discount.
D: Half day Abra-Kid-Abra camp, half day traditional day camp.E: Camps at Abra-Kid-Abra: Book 2 wks, save $25.00; 3 wks save $75.00; 4 or 5 wks save $197.00--get 1 week free!