Magic Math Summer Camp St. Louis

Math Summer Camp St. Louis

Looking for a math summer camp?  How about a magic math summer camp St. Louis?  A camp that will help your child move forward academically while also being a lot of fun?

lightning math addition

Our math magic summer camps in St. Louis help 6-14 year olds hone their math skills amidst the fun of learning math-related magic!

Would you rather send your child to a math camp that will bore him, and cause him not to learn?  Or would you rather send him to an exciting, innovative camp where he’ll be engaged and learn?  If your child has worked hard in school year and you want them to have a little fun in the summer while still learning and developing math skills, then Abra-Kid-Abra’s magic math magic summer camp St. Louis is a great choice!

As one parent put it:

I think it is very clever to teach them about math along with the subject of magic. Pairing one exciting subject with a less exciting one is a great idea. The live performance at the end is a great way for the kids to showcase their skills. The kids really seemed to enjoy the program.   –River Bend Elementary parent

Math Magic Tricks

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Here are some math magic tricks with which you can amaze your friends!

If you like these and want to learn more, this summer we are offering 2 different magic math summer camp St. Louis programs where 6-14 year olds can learn lots of math magic tricks.

ArithmaTricks Camp

  • Make cards appear in an envelope on which someone is sitting!
  • Make coins appear and disappear from your bare hands!
  • Mind read the number someone is thinking of!
math magic classes St. Louis

The tricks for this camp are math-based. So in addition to learning fun magic, you’ll hone your math skills as well! Content areas include counting, measurement, even-odd, geometric shapes, addition, and subtraction. Previous knowledge in these areas is not required—just a willingness to learn.

You’ll also enjoy out-of-the-box thinking math betchas you can pull on your friends; math games; and math comedy as well! Get your own magic box and new tricks to put in it daily to amaze family and friends! Camp culminates with campers performing a mathemagic show for their families the last day. Goals are to develop presentation skills and confidence, build math skills, and to have fun! 6-12 years.

Becoming a Human Calculator Camp

Becoming a Human Calculator
  • Instantly add 10 numbers generated by the audience!
  • Lightning calculate—without paper—33×12, 724-427, & 89×101!
  • Demonstrate your photographic memory using a secret math trick!

In Abra-Kid-Abra’s new Becoming a Human Calculator Camp, you’ll learn a variety of rapid calculation feats to hone your math skills. Learn magic that employs mental addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and geometry. Get your own magic bag and new math magic tricks to put in it daily. Put on a new show nightly! You’ll also enjoy math puzzlers you can pull on your friends; math games; and math comedy skits! Camp culminates with campers putting on a lightning calculation demonstration for their families. Goals are to hone mental math ability, develop presentation skills and confidence, and to have fun! Ages 8-14.

If you have interest in our magic math summer camp St. Louis programs, but when or where we are offering the camp doesn’t fit your schedule, if you can get together a group, we are glad to explore doing a special math magic camp for your group. Please call 314-961-6912 or email us to explore.

Other Math Magic Resources

We also provide math magician shows, math magic after school classes, math field trips to Abra-Kid-Abra, and a math magic carnival.  Call or email us for more information.  Here is a site of more math magic tricks that we like.


Magic Math Summer Camp St. Louis, MO and IL

We offer our math magic camps at schools and community centers throughout the St. Louis area, both in Missouri and Illinois.  So whether you live in Wildwood or Edwardsville, Hazelwood or Fairview Heights, a magic math summer camp St. Louis is not far away!

magic math summer camp St. Louis

Math Magic Camp Schedule

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DateLocationTimeCampFeeTo RegisterRegion
7/30-8/03Hazelwood Community Center9am-NoonArithmaTricks (math magic)$95/105ARegister Online
or call 314-961-6912
FOOTNOTES:A: Resident/non resident or Member/Non member.B: member/non member. After 3/8: $220/$240.
Book 1: $175. Book 2: $165 ea. Book 3: $155 ea. Book before 6/1 for discount.
D: Half day Abra-Kid-Abra camp, half day traditional day camp.E: Camps at Abra-Kid-Abra: Book 2 wks, save $25.00; 3 wks save $75.00; 4 or 5 wks save $197.00--get 1 week free!