What Will You Do This Summer? Decide by Magic!

Introduce your mind-reading assistant.  Send your assistant out of the room and ask a spectator to point to any of the summer activities on the below chart.  Call your assistant in and she magically reveals the activity the spectator selected!

Shoe Lace Weaving

Finger Nail

Flag Waving Basics

Type Writer Maintenance

Abra-Kid-Abra Camp

Shaving for Beginners

20 Tricks with a Potato

Saluting 101

Snipe Hunting

Impossible, you say?  Read on.

Print out the above chart here. When your assistant comes back in, point to each of the 9 boxes, asking at each,”Was it this one, this one, this one,…or this one?”

Secret:  Where you point within the middle box (Abra-Kid-Abra Camp) tells your assistant which activity was selected.  For instance, if you touch the middle box in the upper left corner, the chosen item was in in the upper left corner–Shoe Lace Weaving.  If you touch the middle box in the bottom middle, the chosen item was in the bottom middle of the 9 grid chart–Saluting 101.  If you touch the middle box right in the middle, they chose the middle item in the chart–Abra-Kid-Abra Camp.

Grab an assistant.  Teach this trick, swearing your assistant to secrecy, of course.  Have fun showing this trick to your friends!


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