Field Day

Field Day Activities

Planning a field day or end of the school year fun day?  Looking for some fun, high impact activities?  Here are several field day activities to help make your event sizzle!

Field Day Magician

Field Day Activities - Magician

We can provide a comedy magic show to get your students laughing, amazed, and having fun!  The show is tailored to the different grade levels.  At the end of the show, we teach each group a different trick they can do.  The kids take home a magic trick as a souvenir that they can enjoy performing for family and friends.

If you have a big carnival-type event, we can provide a street magician.  He does short, continuous, crowd-drawing shows.  Get the crowd laughing and having fun, entertain them for a few minutes, then let them move on to something else, and start up as soon as the next group comes walking by.

Street Magician

Finally, we can also provide an activity station where the kids make their own magic trick to take home.  It is a great trick that the kids will enjoy for a long time.


Field Day Circus Act

field day activities - interactive circus show

Our interactive circus act involves lots of kids from the audience in the act.  It is highly participatory, and will get your students laughing and having fun!  The show incorporates audience participation acts with circus feats performed by our circus performer.

We can also provide a circus play area.  We set out lots of different circus equipment, show the students some quick-to-learn tricks, and let them try their hand with the different pieces of circus apparatus.  Very hands on and participatory.

If you have a big festival-type event, we can provide a circus street performer.  He does feats of juggling and balancing with comedy woven in.  Short, continuous crowd-drawing shows.  A fun entertainment activity station.


Field Day Game Show

field day activities - game show

Our game show is fun and engaging for the students.  We can provide an emcee.  Or, if you prefer, we can supply the equipment and you can save money by providing your own game show host.  In this jeopardy-style game show, students solve word puzzles like these:

wordle game show example 2

Our game board has 5 different categories which, depending on your preference, can include fun categories (sports, recreation, food,…) and/or educational categories (math, reading, history,..).  We can even customize a category of puzzlers that pertain to your school, if you’d like.

Did you figure out the wordles?  Here are wordle answers and more wordles.


Team Building Activities

team building-land skiis

We supply apparatus for several fun challenges that students solve in teams.  Challenging and invigorating, these challenges promote teamwork.  Sometimes students who may not shine in the classroom make big contributions to the team here!  We can provide a facilitator to run these field day activities, or you can save money and run them with your staff.

team building - pipeline


Math Field Day

Looking for fun math-related field day activities?  We can provide several activities here including:

Math Magician Show

St. Louis Magician

The tricks are math-based!  This show gets kids excited about math and shows them how much fun math is!  At the end we teach students a math magic trick they can do, and send them home with the materials so they can perform it for family and friends.

Math Magic Workshop

learn math magic

Students learn and take home math-based tricks they can do!  A fun way to hone mental math skills.


Math Magic Carnival

math magic carnival

In teams, students rotate through math magic activity stations, trying to solve a variety of math challenges.  Very hands on and engaging.  Includes take-home tricks and puzzles for the students.

Other Field Day Entertainment

We can also provide face painters, balloon artists, and caricaturists for your field day.  For more field day ideas, see our party entertainment page.


Field Day Ideas

If you have field day ideas you would like to discuss, please call or  email us.  If we cannot help you, perhaps we can help you find what you need to accomplish your field day ideas.

field day activities - audience having fun

Field Day Activities St. Louis, MO and IL

Being based in St. Louis, many of our field day activities are performed in the St. Louis area, or throughout Missouri or Illinois.  We also travel to Arkansas and Iowa, and Kentucky and Tennessee.  Indiana and Kansas are also states we regularly provide our school entertainment.  If you are in a different state, feel free to contact us and we’ll see if we can arrange a visit.