Mind Read the Holiday Gift Someone is Thinking of!

It used to be that only Santa could do this.  But now, so can you!  Here’s how…

Line up 6 or so holiday items, gifts, or books.  Introduce your assistant.  Mention that she used to work with Santa, and that she too can tell what gift you are thinking of!  Send her out of the room.  Ask a spectator to touch any one of the items.  Make sure everyone sees which one has been touched.

Call your assistant back in and point one at a time to various items, asking, “Was it this?” at each one.  Your assistant says “Yes” at the chosen item!  How does she know?  You and she have pre-arranged that you will touch something white right before the chosen item.  (Be sure at least 1 of the items has some white on it.  Or pre-arrange another color if none do.)  She keeps saying no up through you touching something white.  On the next item you touch, she says “Yes”!

Try this out, and let us know how it went!



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