Making a Flower out of a Napkin!

Summer is almost here, flowers are coming out.  What a great time for you to create a flower out of a napkin!  Learn this and you’ll be a big hit with mom, or the ladies in your life!  Here’s how to do it:1.  Wrap a napkin around your first and second fingers (photo 1).  Keep wrapping until you are done and have made a tube around your 2 fingers.
2.  Twist the napkin at the end of your fingers, making the flower bulb.  Slip out your fingers.  (photo 2)
3.  Below the flower, twist the napkin tightly all the way down to the end to make the stem.  (photo 3)
4.  For an extra touch, add a leaf in the stem.  Untwist a little near the middle of the stem.  Tear the napkin a little to make a leaf.  (photo 4)

Give the flower to her.  This is one of those things that goes over better than some sleight of hand trick I’ve spent hours practicing!  Good luck.

napkin_rose-start napkinrose-makingnapkinrose-near_endnapkinrose-leaf

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